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This week I was on the road in the northern district for the second time, this time in relation to the European competition. This year, the Lampoldshausen primary school really worked hard and was able to present eleven local prize winners, two state prize winners and one federal prize winner.

So it was a special pleasure for me and my better half to go to Hardthausen am Kocher. Of course, so did the mayor Thomas Einfalt not take to personally congratulate the award winners again this year.

And the next award ceremony is coming up on Friday, when we're heading south.

public baths

Elfie Hofmann says today in the Heilbronner Voice (June 21.06.2022, 21: XNUMX) that "as a specialist for pool operations ... [bears] a lot of responsibility. In contrast to jobs in industry, however, the profession is poorly paid. In the summer, few want to work every weekend. That is understandable."

Unfortunately, she doesn't mention that recognition and the working environment play a very important role, even for swimming champions. And here in Heilbronn things are particularly bad! On the one hand, many of these skilled workers are overwhelmed with their work and on the other hand the working environment is a disaster. But the corresponding superiors up to the mayor are to blame and responsible for doing anything but their job.

If you still want to ensure the operation of the pools in Heilbronn to some extent, then you either have to act very rigorously on the part of the city administration, or alternatively you only open an indoor pool and an outdoor pool in Heilbronn to swimmers with verifiable (!) proof and the willingness to be civilized to perform people. These are then also able to take over rescue and supervisory services and thus relieve the lifeguards. And as soon as and for as long as the employees working there find humane conditions, they will also be happy to do their job well.

And that's not a new idea, just a description of the conditions that prevailed in Heilbronn for decades.

A small note on the side: lifeguards are the ones who sweeten your day with water treatments of all kinds or support the healing process in convalescents.

out of round

Unfortunately, far too many things go completely wrong in our society. One reason for this is the completely false promises made by our parties, namely that we always get everything for free and for free. Many of us have been only too happy to believe this for decades, and the cycle of incompetence continues.

And so it's no longer a secret that we lack everything that requires competence, understanding and responsibility. Scientists, soldiers and craftsmen have been on the red list for decades, now the nursing professions have also been added and recently some fellow citizens have even noticed that there are also minimum requirements for lifeguards.

On the other hand, we can pave the streets with professional politicians, lawyers, financial and insurance representatives as well as administrative employees of all kinds.

If the craftsman doesn't come, a war is imminent or you need some other help, many of us are more and more surprised to find that we have a problem.

The solution to the problem would be simple, one would only have to recognize performance again and also pay adequately, and above all and especially, this permanently for at least a few decades! A “one-off payment” is not just pure mockery and populism for that reason.

That's why we not only have to recognize performance again by demanding it, but also paying very well for it. We soldiers earn z. B. finally a salary group of our own and at least doubling our salary. And wages must also be increased significantly in other professions that are actually required. However, this is always linked to the requirement that the service provided is correct — we can no longer afford to pay people just to “get them off the street”.

Since all finances are finite, in return, posts that are not needed or that are hardly needed have to be rationalized away, or at least their subsidies have to be stopped. With insurance companies, banks and administrations alone, we could release tens of thousands for uses that are actually needed without endangering our society or economy.

All in all, we get again competent experts in the necessary applications and functions, also with the lifeguards. Of course, only under the condition that you treat your employees like human beings. Where you don't do this, you will not get any employees in the future, especially if there are better employers elsewhere.

mistake of the day

If you can't find the error in the picture, then that's no big deal, because those responsible have been looking in vain for months.

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