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As a 16-year-old student, I used my savings to buy my own racing bike. Due to my bad experiences with cycling, this was used again during my studies to simplify a few routes on campus and for the last time by me as company commander to quickly get into the technical area.

From that time on, it just kept moving, and my better half would ask after every second move at the latest why it was still taking up space somewhere completely useless. And at some point it just wasn't an issue anymore.

Today my youngest found the bike in the garage and started tinkering with it. I remember a comrade last doing this in 1990 and making sure the tires and brake pads were replaced. As it looks right now, it is quite enough to put on new tires if necessary. The rest still works perfectly, to my own amazement. Well, you could still dust it off and maybe even wash it off - but that would be a novelty for this bike.

Blind activism

Until recently, it was a well-established fact (even a federal policy guideline) that it takes a good ten years to start a war like the one in Ukraine. Our politicians have deliberately (!) decided to ignore all indications of war preparations and announcements, on the one hand because of ideological proximity to the "socialist brother in arms" and on the other hand because one earns quite well and not just for looking the other way and at the same time as a "Appeasement politicians" could stage.

However, it is only logical that one consciously sabotage one's own defense and alliance capability, because that is how one has the war success of Vladimir Putin guaranteed, and could hope that everyone would very quickly bow to the power of the factual (SBZ, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Georgia, Crimea, Syria...) and one could very quickly get back to normal.

Our professional politicians made a blunder this time, because they didn't reckon with the fact that the Ukrainians wouldn't just want to be sacrificed (I admit I'm surprised too!) and that world opinion and sympathy - at least that of the free world - too quickly favored it Ukraine (good media work!) has tipped.

Now that the politicians responsible for this have to fear for the first time that they will also be put in the dock, namely that of the International Court of Justice, they are acting over the top and acting blindly. One would like to use all means to prevent being held responsible for one's own outrages.

And that's how it was for the politically inexperienced Ukrainian president — but a model, if not a model, politician — Volodymyr Zelenskyy the death sentence, not only that Vladimir Putin to oppose, but also to allow ourselves to call the facts by their name and publicly denounce our career politicians; these will shed crocodile tears at his funeral.

And all of us who are a little less sophisticated must now, whether they like it or not, acknowledge that we are on the brink of a world war, as we have not been since 1961, and that any hasty reactions could lead to the triggering of one.

Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and other countries were sold by us to the Russian Federation back in 2008 (please remember!) and as late as 2021, most experts wrote that Ukraine will have a chance of survival only if it succeeds , to wear down the Russian aggressors in a very long small war, like the Afghans before them. The only thing left for the free world to do is support the Ukrainians to the best of its ability, provide for the refugees and smash the Russian Federation economically and isolate it politically. This also knows Vladimir Putin and he must have done his homework. Now we have to wait and see if he can turn public opinion in the world in his favor again, partly through his orcs?

That this game will cost the lives of up to 2 million Ukrainians was priced in in advance by both Putin and our professional politicians! And so it is quite conceivable that both sides (Ukraine is "only" the pawn) want to evade their own responsibility by escalating to the point of a Third World War when the moment is right.

And no matter how many trillions of euros in taxpayers' money the President of the Commission and the heads of state and government of the EU may now throw out the window, at least they can no longer evade their moral responsibility. The deaths of countless innocent citizens, whether infants or soldiers, rest upon their shoulders!

newspaper reading

Reading the daily newspaper this morning and looking at social media really spoiled the start of the week for me. I had to experience a flashback to the Cold War!

No matter where you looked, whether it was letters to the editor or event announcements, the Soviet trolls and blue-blooded Nazis could not be overlooked and unrolled the full program of Russian war propaganda. The Russian Federation no longer needs embassies or television stations to spread its view of things in Germany. The responsible agitators from Russia just have to be careful that the German orcs don't go too far and publicly call on Putin to exterminate the "fascist" infants at the same time.

From today I will follow the terminology of J. R. R. Tolkien, who already saw this human being in his fantasy world of Middle-earth as a willing executor of the forces of evil and thus revived an ancient knowledge from antiquity.

In order not to leave any false impressions here, I basically have nothing at all against “boys without a homeland”, especially not when they regard themselves as citizens of the world and denounce the existence of nations as humanity’s aberration. I also pay my respects to every conscientious objector, especially if he works peacefully for people himself. And I pay my utmost respect to those conscientious objectors who, even in war zones, risk their own lives to save lives.

Unfortunately, I had to realize very early on that many "conscientious objectors", "peace activists" or "homelandless fellows" are mere orcs who never miss an opportunity to throw stones at police officers, set fire to Molotov cocktails or the brake hoses of soldiers and rescue workers Cut through and loosen the wheel nuts. Most of the time, these are the ones who defame everything and everyone in the media who speaks out for our country, democracy itself, or any form of international cooperation.

If you still don't know how to spot orcs? The best way to recognize this is that no matter what goes wrong anywhere in this world, according to them, "the Americans are to blame." This doesn't mean the humans per se, for of course there are also the "good guys" [orcs ], such as B. <br><br>Donald Trump, but the orcs just generally mean everything that America stands for: freedom, democracy, equal opportunities and personal responsibility.

opinion piece of the day

Joachim Kaeppner writes today under the title “heroes and bullies' about some orcs, such as Soren Bartol by the SPD, federal politics. Pretty open as a journalist.

birthdays of the day

Karl Wilhelm Jerusalem and Johann Sebastian Bach 

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