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A project that has already occupied entire generations of city councilors and will certainly also leave future generations with tasks to be completed.

To this day it is clear that not only Expansion of the Saarlandstrasse is urgently needed, but also its extension. Especially since the largest clinic in the Unterland is now a neighbor and an infrastructural improvement on Saarlandstraße would also enable rescue services to get there faster — even from the south of the city and district.


It's actually a provincial farce. A “famous” woman from Heilbronn waves a few banknotes and the Heilbronner voice wags its tail.

It is not even waved with their own money, but with diets, which does not matter at all, since completely different people buy their fame with saved tax money.

But the ugly thing about it is how quickly you get a clean slate in Heilbronn and rise to the local elite — regardless of whether you commemorate Nazi heroes on social media beforehand, or even, only halfway hidden, call for murder and a putsch.

It would no longer surprise me if such behavior is now sufficient to be allowed to give the speech at the Hasen feast - the traditional Heilbronn feeding of the poor - with so much media attention.

book Fair

If you write a book and then go to the trouble of publishing it yourself, then you—at least I do—want to be represented at a book fair.

For me, it's the Frankfurt Book Fair, as desired, although, quite astonished by the costs, I've found a way that I can live with.

That's my bookEurope is for everyone!“ can be found at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 in Hall 3.1 G 88 at the Livro stand. Since I still have one or two of my books in stock, I don't have to look at my book in Frankfurt. But if you are there, you are welcome to take a photo of it.

The corresponding Livro catalogue, with my book on page 55, is there to take away and, and that's actually the good thing about it, is now also available in more than 7 bookshops.

The Livro catalog is also available "online and", and now I'm very excited to see whether my sales figures will increase significantly in the next few days.

Frankfurt book fair

birthdays of the day

Ursula K. Le Guin and Thomas Michl

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