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reading godfather

Today I was allowed for the last time in the 4a der Dam Elementary School read out. All children will be promoted, and a few students will even go to high school in the future. And the class teacher is also moving to Stuttgart.

I enjoyed the time with these children, without a single exception, and it was very nice to see how they could not only improve their reading skills in one school year.

And so I'm now curious about which teacher will "adopt" me in the next school year and in which class I will then be assigned? In the meantime, I've been able to gain experience in all four grades, which incidentally has meant that, contrary to my original fears, I now also feel quite comfortable in the first two grades.

My recommendation to anyone who can free up a lesson a week for themselves is to do so — it's not only a win for you, but for the students and their teachers as well.

Free voters

Thomas Zimmerman from the Heilbronnerstimme (July 20.07.2022th, 21: XNUMX) dedicates half a page to us free voters today. Obviously he's with me Herbert Burkhardt and a former free voter talked about our association. Willy Black, a former Heilbronn veteran, would certainly comment as follows: "The main thing is in the newspaper."

I see it a little differently and wonder how Thomas Zimmerman it comes down to the fact that the Free Voters are arguing about the future of the association? But recently the Unterland folk festival took place and who knows, maybe there was a clairvoyant there again.

Added dimensions — and I had already written about it — the resignation of half a dozen free voters from our association was not a pleasant affair, and certainly not how it went. In the meantime I've been able to have one or two conversations and I'm not at all worried about the future of the club.

Thomas Zimmerman but is absolutely right that a name dispute among the free voters will not be appreciated by the people of Heilbronn. But please stick to the facts. Of the more than 50 free voters today, about six people have left and have probably founded their own association. This is your right and, in my opinion, perfectly fine, but then please also under a new name, e.g. B. “free citizens” or “independent voters”. All that remains is a bitter aftertaste, namely that Malte Hoch only wants to cause as much damage as possible in Heilbronn.

Another fact is that the Baden-Württemberg State Association of Free Voters continues to lead us as Free Voters Heilbronn and continues to work productively with us. This said wrong name dispute has so far only caused confusion in the Heilbronn city administration - which doesn't surprise me at all personally - and, if sanity does not return to individual people, will cause some confusion among voters in the course of the upcoming municipal election campaign in 2024.

And when that happens, keep it Thomas Zimmerman with his assessment "Therefore, in the end there should only be losers among the free voters.” recht.

And therefore my big request to my former comrades-in-arms — by the way, I didn’t have to fight a bouquet with any of them (!): Please don’t do things by halves, rename yourselves and let us all be recognizable separately but continue to work together for the benefit of Heilbronn for one of Advertise party-independent, i.e. “free” politics in the Heilbronn municipal council!


Last night just two nice people met for the virtual European regulars' table. A good opportunity to coordinate upcoming dates and chat a little about the town twinning with Béziers. The EUROPA-UNION has been wanting to visit this partner city again for some time.

And so the first question is what is the best way to get there with a group? By plane, by train, by bus or by car? Do you take the more leisurely route via Grenoble or the twelve-hour ride via Lyon?

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