Featured Photo: A house in Newport Beach

Life's a Beach

Just saw a couple while walking in a public park, who have made themselves a little more comfortable to the music “Hotel California” — equipped with enough sedatives, even younger people do not notice that the 1970s are long gone.

Yes, life could well be a beach, but then one in the warmer latitudes is better, like here on the Pacific coast or on Borneo. Interestingly, however, this saying does not come from the motivational corner of so many influencers or even management consultants, but is an embellishment of the well-known saying "Life is a bitch!"

I'm sure that this couple will also come to this conviction, at the latest when the song has faded away and the drizzle that can currently be found here starts again.

Don Giovanni

If a stage designer already advertises that he has the stage design Maurits cornelis escher designed and the latter is part of one of the books I'm reading right now, my curiosity was piqued from the start.

You don't have to say anything about the opera itself, maybe just that any production that is based on today's times is good for you. Everything else was as expected and the music, as always, worth listening to. Only the costume change in the middle of the piece remained a mystery to me, but To D'Huys will certainly have something in mind.

And the prominent and uncommented change from a red to a yellow rose should certainly give the opera a depth that it has never had before. eye-catcher of the piece for me Federica Lombardi as Donna Anna, which probably now along with Donna Elvira ends in the monastery.

garden center

I don't recall ever visiting a garden center in the US so this week was sort of a first. It is hardly surprising that this garden center also looked like most of the others, with one exception, however, because the plants there had a slightly larger growth compared to ours and some of them had an amazing abundance of flowers that we also knew; both of which I attribute to the climatic conditions.

What was new for me was the food in the garden center, which could keep up with very good restaurants in terms of quality and service. And finally, I was able to marvel at a flagpole, the Ronald Reagan zusammen mit John Wayne had already set in 1976; You won't find something like this in every garden center.

“People, in fact, are often very unobservant. But machines can be made to be totally unobservant; and people cannot."

Douglas R. Hofstadter, Gödel, Escher, Bach (2021 [1979]: 37)

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