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city ​​council

Heilbronn, a city with a good 125 inhabitants, repeatedly claims that it is not only a big city because of its population; I had one before about big cities and their classification own blog post written. Just being a “big city” is no longer enough for our mayor and his claqueurs in the municipal council. You also have to be at least a university city, better still a space city and definitely a world research center in terms of high-tech and artificial intelligence.

The big problem here is that our city administration has long since reached the size of a large city administration in terms of volume, but has not even been able to cope with the tasks of a medium-sized city administration for a long time - it looks very much as if those responsible in the municipal council and on the Rathausspitze have taken the Berlin model as the yardstick for all things.

And so it is not very surprising that even for clumsy administrative failures, the people of Heilbronn should first be blamed and are now even starting to sue companies and companies in the regional court (Blitz-Brücke).

It would be better to bring real experts to the town hall, professionals who are up to the tasks of a city administration today, maybe even the challenges of a big city.


I'm going to be a little more relaxed today. And so, after the usual round with the meseno bus, I'll just let my feet dangle.

I'm curious to see what's going to happen today?

"You only have to be dissatisfied and you are already suspected of being a do-gooder."


Weekend Trip

The weekend was almost fully booked with very interesting discussions. This time the focus was on the free voters and our list for the upcoming municipal election campaign. Fortunately, we have many members who would like to run again this time, and also other interested parties who would like to throw themselves into a local election campaign.

Personally, I had a lot of fun last time, so I'm already looking forward to the election campaign. Until then, however, it is important to compile a list that is as good as possible and attractive to the voters, and that is not at all easy. In any case, there will be further and certainly also very interesting discussions and the topics will certainly continue to surprise me. So I could z. B. also talked about football this weekend, a topic that hasn't bothered me that much at least in the last few years - at least since VfB Stuttgart has been permanently weakening and football in Heilbronn no longer even reaches a halfway decent stadium.

My better half made me dance too, and thanks Detlef Stern I also had the opportunity to prepare another lecture for this week. This semester, during 15 rounds of lectures, I have the chance to help willing students to be successful — but they have to learn, better yet study, themselves.

The unfulfilled wish
It is good to have a wish
In the breast's most secret shrine,
With the delusion because of him
Be your full happiness alone.

It's good that heaven is always
You postpone the granting of wishes;
Because happy, you would never be
And you didn't hope anymore.

Friedrich Rückert, House and Annual Songs (5th volume, 1838: 72)