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reading godfather

On Wednesdays I read in this school year in a 4th class. Both with the teacher as well as with the students If I'm more than satisfied, then the whole thing is really fun.

There is a good alternative for those who cannot be a regular reading mentor due to time or other reasons. Because as part of what is now the 18th nationwide Reading Day, an initiative by DIE ZEIT, Reading Foundation and Deutsche Bahn Foundation, the Friends of the City Library are inviting people to take part in the “Man reads aloud” campaign for the 14th time.

This promotion will take place on Friday 19th November 2021. Interested men can apply until October 29, 2021 Catherine Heid Sign in. You can reach them at +49 176 23866813 or via email: vorlesepaten@lesen-hoeren-wissen.de

Now I'm excited to see who I'm with "man reads" meet again.


The European Union is currently at an essential crossroads. With the British five years ago, it was "only" a question of whether the EU should actually develop into a federal state, although the rulers in the United Kingdom did not approve of this and had the people vote accordingly - we could do the whole thing "live “ experience. It was only logical that the British left the EU.

The "Eastern Europeans", on the other hand, face a completely different dilemma, because they were never really convinced democrats, but all fled to the "transfer payment wonderland of Europe" and completely overlooked the fact that this is based on values ​​and is held together by contracts and laws.

The rulers in Poland and the other former Soviet satellites are building their power exclusively on these EU transfer payments, trampling on all democratic and thus EU values, to the delight (!) of the majority of their fellow citizens.

Since the "Eastern Europeans", in contrast to the British, will never voluntarily move away from the money pots, the EU has a real problem.

The EU must now actually decide what it is — better still, what it wants to be. A federal state or a kind of confederation of states is left undecided, because the actual question goes much deeper: are we a community of values ​​or a mere collective of exploitation and overexploitation?

We'll probably know the answer before long!

Christmas Market

And all of a sudden and for everyone involved in the city as a complete surprise, Christmas will soon be here again. You're slowly starting to think about how and, if necessary, where you can get one Christmas Market could organize in Heilbronn.

Thomas Zimmerman von der Heilbronnerstimme describes the first relevant solution approaches from Heilbronn Marketing as “unworldly”.

It also fits quite well that an alternative venue, namely our fairground, was reserved for a competing event — an “amusement park”. Bad is he who thinks bad about it!

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"It starts with reading: We are convinced that reading is the central requirement for education, professional success, integration and sustainable social development."

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