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Last weekend was pretty relaxed. It was nice that despite the weather and the European Football Championship, some federalists found their way to Untergruppenbach. For now, I won't say much about the election in France, except that a voter turnout of around 67 percent basically speaks in favor of the French. The decisive factor will probably be the runoff election next Sunday.

The monthly newsletter was written quickly. It was astonishing, at least for me, how understanding some people have who don't read newsletters or websites themselves but still want to be kept up to date. I'm sorry, but even with the best will in the world I can't get "my" appointments or plans to be placed in the Tagesschau, let alone in the Bild newspaper; even my attempts in the Heilbronner Stimme failed miserably.

Currently I am trying for the 8. Hertenstein Talks and Europe ball Both are events that are guaranteed to please every participant. The challenge is to inform potential participants about these events in advance so that they can register for them. I immediately rejected a suggestion from a contemporary to advertise the projects with posters, because I, at least, have had enough of posters for quite some time.

Today's ride on the meseno bus was very entertaining, but at the end I drove past my own election poster, which I had obviously overlooked the last few times. So hopefully I have removed my last election poster today.

Project management

Last Tuesday I gave my last lecture, at least for this semester. And since yesterday the exam has been ready, it just needs to be printed. The special thing about it is that a student has the right to have the exam presented to him on A3 paper - for whatever reason.

Since around 100 students want to take the exam, they will be divided into several rooms and since some students have very individual requirements and expectations, the whole thing will be even more exciting for me.

After the exam, I'll be busy correcting for quite a while. I hope that correcting will be an enjoyable experience.


Once a year I go through my address lists, including those for my blog and those for the remaining newsletter. It is helpful that my newsletter and blog tools pre-sort everything. So today I only had to confirm the deletion.

I also took the opportunity to revise my personal address book. Slowly but surely, more and more of my friends and acquaintances are retiring or going into retirement, which surprisingly means that some of them are changing their email address.

If one of my readers has inadvertently dropped out of the newsletter's address list, he or she can subscribe there again.

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