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national assembly

Due to COVID-19, the celebrations on the occasion of 75 years of the Hertensteiner program had to be postponed to this year. And so the European federalists from Baden-Württemberg, young and old, are meeting today for the two state assemblies in Künzelsau.

In accordance with the occasion, the state meetings and the ceremony to be made up for will take place in the Carmen Würth Forum in Künzelsau. To everyone's great regret, this year's national assembly is taking place in the face of an absolutely unnecessary war of aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which is threatening the entire world.

This will certainly also have a very strong impact on the entire day, including today's ceremony.

church bells

Where church bells are still allowed to ring through the night, there all is right with the world. Tonight I had the pleasure of listening to the XNUMX minute reminiscences for a short while. This got me thinking, but more about God than the world.

Decades ago, people in Heilbronn ordered that the church bells should not ring until 7 a.m., which among other things led to my first alarm clock. And since at that time I lived diagonally across from the bells of the Nikolaikirche, the 6 o'clock bell had reliably ensured that I was always woken up on time.

But the church bells are not only a practical matter for the general announcement of the time, they also reliably remind us that there is much more than one often assumes in our own small world.

Time management

Even if it's a work meeting at the end of the world, then in the most pleasant possible environment. And so I really enjoyed the evening. In addition, one of the people I spoke to made sure that I could take one or two new things home with me.

In any case, I fully agree with this that time management is always a question of values! I urge the younger readers of this weblog in particular to think a little more about this statement.

Be that as it may, for me the start of this weekend is more than a success - you just have to be able to combine one thing with the other.

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