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war tourism

One of the most disgusting things I have ever had to experience is the large number of war tourists who keep showing up on the missions. It just has to be reasonably quiet and there must be at least one luxury hotel nearby, then there will be no holding back and the war tourists will hand each other the handle. When the weather cooperates, it's up to all the soldiers to make fun of these people, with even the last honk happy to let you know that he's IBUK, or at least its legitimate representative.

And if you now think that only a single war tourist is interested in the situation or even in us soldiers, you are sorely mistaken. These war tourists only come because of the pictures to take home — they like “with Negroes” (quote from a German diplomat in 2010) — and want to show their voters and their clientele at home their meaning and importance.

So that the trip is also worthwhile for the war tourists, all of the soldiers’ shopping facilities, if any, are plundered, since they are usually tax-free, and any tourist attractions must be secured by the military so that the tourist can also take them with them. And really important war tourists can have their purchases delivered directly to their homes by the Bundeswehr.

As we now have to experience in the course of the Ukraine war — now that Kyiv is reasonably safe again — war tourism has now also begun there and by the end of this year everything will have been there that considers itself halfway important.

Without question, each of these heroes will have been personally warned in advance of the dangers to their own lives by the BND or BKA, but this does not prevent them from "sacrificing themselves for Germany" and, if the war tourist is lucky or a lot fantasy (e.g Hillary Clinton) has, he will even come under attack.

By the way, the Ukrainian military is currently fully occupied with national defense and certainly doesn't look forward to having to look after important German backbenchers.


Two transports are on the agenda today. The first thing I can do is collect groceries for meseno, and then we'll drive to Stuttgart to bring an exhibition to Heilbronn. This will be handed in to the city library in the evening and set up on Thursday morning.

It's always a good thing when you get enough volunteers to be able to do things like this on a purely voluntary basis. And so the beginning of this year's Europe Week is also a good start to the week.

And tomorrow we will meet for the monthly European round table. If you work, you can also party.


Nachdem Detlef Stern As most of you have read the articles before me, there are three possible reasons why this is so. Firstly he has more time, secondly he reads faster or thirdly he uses an RSS reader. Now I've installed one of these again and now let the shipowner show me the news.

If that doesn't work now, then he will probably read a lot faster than I do, which would only be logical, since he's been a reading mentor for a lot longer than I have.

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