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Espresso affogato

Marco Carrieri Please forgive me, but at over 30 degrees Celsius I get excited as soon as I think of one or even two cups of espresso Affogato. Just recently I was able to enjoy a decent one in Ashenvale.

If you want to be a little more specific, call this delicious Italian dessert by its real name, namely Affogato al caffè, and use two scoops of vanilla ice cream instead of one. But no matter what many connoisseurs may say, in my opinion, sugar is not an extra part of it and the waffle and some cream (“alla Viennese”) are best left whole. At most with a shot of Amaretto, but then a Disaronno please, I'll let you talk to me.

If you ultimately want to know more about it, you should join the discussion Marco Carrieri Looking for. Until then, I recommend the video by James Hoffman, who in turn knows a very special way of preparing it.

Europe ball

It's slowly getting into the hot phase of ball preparations. The external participants are just securing their overnight accommodations, and our construction workers are waiting for the starting gun to start decorating the ballroom.

Due to the temperatures, some people are probably thinking about how to appear at the ball in festive clothes. I'll do it as always: Uniform is always the right choice.

And so I'm already looking forward to next Saturday. At 19.30 p.m. we start with a champagne reception and at 20.00 p.m. my better half, Kerstin and Klaus Brenner as well as me officially opened.

On Sunday morning we conclude our ball weekend with a European breakfast on the theater ship. In doing so Josip Juratovic MdB with a short presentation about the current developments regarding the Western Balkans.

craft mood

As the temperature rises, not only does my mood for handicrafts increase, but also my willingness to take risks. And so I junked some software and also a few less necessary websites in a very short time.

And because I don't want to abuse my new server right away, I'd rather wait for that Detlef Stern has his version .5 of the Zettelstore "Kümmerle-approved" and also shows me the easiest way to get it running on a server.

Until then I have already changed quite a few things here on this weblog. That with the RSS will probably be nothing more — apart from the rudimentary functions. But my appointments are a bit fancier again and you can also look at the galleries again.

I also rediscovered a whole new, ancient gadget that shows me my own "website portfolio" [and deleted it shortly afterwards]; Years ago I even had a website about this. In any case, this shows me that I have reduced my Internet activities very significantly in the last few months — a good few dozen websites have now become just a handful.

However, since websites can be set up in just a few minutes these days, this can change very quickly — a few more degrees Celsius more and I guarantee nothing. In the meantime, however, I'm playing around with a few old databases and trying out a few new ones as well; what isn't there today? — whatever you do when you open Detlef Sterns software is waiting and the GEB is harder to digest than initially thought; I'm probably the only one who already starts chewing at Gödel's incompleteness theorem — which I currently attribute to my somewhat advanced age.

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