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Copper, a cat who really wanted to adopt me a long time ago, at least that's how I understood the first activities of this little ball of yarn. In later years he recognized me again and again on visits and, as an old man, he liked to fight with me for the most comfortable place in the house. Time flies, and cats don't live forever either.


Feminism is actually quite a good thing, especially when it's for equal rights and human dignity occurs. Unfortunately, however, it is increasingly being misused as a battlefield term to assert one's own interests and, worse still, degraded to pure feminine chauvinism. Statements such as "this would never have happened if women had been in charge" or "the best man for a job is always a woman" can serve as evidence for this. Women in leadership positions, like their male counterparts, fail or succeed, and one might well conclude that this has nothing to do with biological sex.

Today's feminism already has an explanation ready for this, because the Blame for female failure It's either because of our "sexist" language, or because men don't really want to teach women or even train them. Statements such as “women cannot do mathematics because they are not properly taught” are not uncommon in academic circles.


Two of today's federal policy decisions (combat aircraft and military reform) show once again that, given the existing security provided by the USA, it is still not a question of building our own portable defense structures or even integrating ourselves into the existing ones in a way that is profitable for everyone.

Only the own "economic promotion" and the economic support of our neighbor France is taken into account, whereby the politicians manage to secure their own sinecure quite incidentally.

A responsible security, defense and armaments policy urgently needed, on the one hand to secure one's own existence and on the other hand to act in a macroeconomic, resource-saving and sustainable manner.

"Stand in the middle of the rain, 
believe in his blessing of drops 
get caught up in the noise 
and try to be good! 

stand in the middle of the wind 
believe in him and be a child – 
let the storm in you 
and try to be good 

stand in the middle of the fire 
love this monster 
in the red wine of the heart – 
and try to be good!” 

Wolfgang Borchert, try it

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