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Even if there is no meeting without minutes, that does not mean that everyone involved or affected by the meeting results is informed. Circulars are a very good way to share information and appointments (push principle). Another possibility would be to store the logs for everyone in a suitable place (pull principle). But I already talked about that in more detail in this weblog, z. B. here.

In the last few days there have been so many new appointments and meeting results in matters of Europe that I have the monthly Circular of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn I preferred something. The circle of addressees is still large enough to be able to achieve a good reach — now the circular just has to be read.

And this reminds me again and again of an old saying: "You can carry the horse to the watering place, but it still has to drink itself."

And so in association work it is still better to send circulars that are never read than to later have to point out to members that the corresponding minutes in the basement had been laid out for inspection x for y days - which now reminds me again of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" remind.

OB candidates

Actually, the voice of Heilbronn has long since ensured that we all learned more about the three candidates than was necessary or what many wanted.

And now there are also from Catherine Mikov election posters. Mikov is still considered a non-party candidate, but has obviously signaled her willingness to help the CDU to increase the proportion of women.

In any case, the mayor's candidacy won't hurt her if she intends to run for city council in 2024. Now it's probably up to the CDU grandees to decide whether it fits into the portfolio or not.

The city of Heilbronn is also giving the three candidates the opportunity to present themselves publicly today, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, from 19.00 p.m. in the Theodor-Heuss-Saal of Harmonie. 350 citizens can get a direct picture of it, others who are curious can watch the recorded event on a website of the city of Heilbronn tomorrow.

reading godfather

Today I was allowed again in front of a elementary class read out. This time it was guaranteed not to be subject to amusement tax, which happens from time to time. And so you get a bit confused.

A small proportion of elementary school students are completely superfluous in school, since these students already have the minimum requirements for an elementary school certificate when they start school, while the other classmates cannot help to develop something together.

The majority of the class is willing to learn and strives to complete the four years of schooling as profitably as possible. Unfortunately, many of these students come up against the limits set by their own parents — probably for a variety of reasons.

The sad remainder has already fully adopted the educational goals of their own parents, namely only to get the knowledge of where to apply for social assistance of any kind. And it is this sad remainder that binds our entire teaching staff to 80 percent and thus prevents 80 percent of the students from even being given a chance to gain as much knowledge as possible and the necessary basic knowledge from their school days.

And then when I've finished reading and leave the school, I meet figures in front of the school who are obviously anxious to pick up their own children, and I feel a sadness that I immediately want to drown in the nearest pub .

But then it makes me wonder how our teachers, day in and day out, manage to stay sober during the week? — And I tell myself that what our teachers can do, I should be able to too.

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