Post photo: City Hall Heilbronn | © Shutterstock


Post photo: City Hall Heilbronn | © Shutterstock

Munich Security Conference

Over the decades, the Munich Security Conference (February 18th to 20.02.2022th, XNUMX) not only proven, but also developed into an international format that should be taken seriously. Entirely due to politics, it happens again and again that politicians, who are completely unaffected by the content, use this format for their own shows and thus like to embarrass our country internationally.

But the climax has now been reached, with the federal government also abusing this format for the personal sensitivities of its ministers. This conference has obviously passed its zenith, and the professional world will have to look for other formats in the future. It will also be understandable that these will then no longer be in Europe.

Neckar stroller

I too noticed a ship from Stuttgart while taking a walk and so far we have not been able to make any sense of it. Thanks to the voice of Heilbronn (18.02.2022/29/XNUMX: XNUMX) we now know why. A change is now imminent on the Neckar, which you can look at with laughing as well as crying eyes.

Should the new owner of the two Heilbronn boats (Neckarbummler and Fee) succeed in getting ship tourism going on the entire Neckar, then this will increase the attractiveness of all Neckar riparians, and a larger fleet can also ensure more flexibility in the offer.

It's just a pity that the port city of Heilbronn is now being replaced by Stuttgart, which is known to be located on the Nesenbach and converted it into a pure sewage canal, as the center of Neckar shipping. A Heilbronn port, which was once one of the largest inland ports in Germany, together with its entire infrastructure (from the port railway to the taxi boat) has long since ceased to be an issue for those responsible in Heilbronn. Not to mention that you can see the Neckar opens for houseboats — actually, our river is just a pee channel for visitors to the Neckar Mile, although the existing one is no longer considered necessary water feature to keep running and firing.

In the future, the entire Neckar shipping will probably rush past Heilbronn. What remains are the beautiful memories, such as the many trips on the Neckarbummler, on which my better half and I also celebrated our wedding.

covered market

After all the wasted decades, this matter is slowly gaining momentum. It is very gratifying that all city council factions in the Heilbronn voice (February 18.02.2022, 27: XNUMX) unanimously voted for a Market hall on the Reim area pronounce.

Unfortunately, nothing will come of it as long as those involved cannot agree on who exactly is allowed to earn money from it. The wine bar on the Neckar can serve as a good example, which was only realized when the “suitable beneficiary” was found. The idea generator at the time Koksal Kilic (Charivari, Stadtfischer and Riverside) got nothing (Heilbronnerstimme, February 16.02.2022, 28: XNUMX).

And should a market hall actually be realized in Heilbronn, which I would be very happy about, then we only have supporters in the municipal council - as things stand today. This is a unique situation for Heilbronn and definitely worth mentioning; just remember the municipal theater or the Stadtbahn.

And if we Heilbronners should succeed in this litter, then we can immediately start the topic of a large event hall take up that fit very well as an XXL solution on the Wollhaus site and would give the entire city center of Heilbronn a new lease of life.

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