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Our so-called experts are slowly waking up too, and the media are filling up with elaborations on the “Ukraine conflict”, which is certainly a conflict with the Russian Federation and, if you look more closely, a first result of the disintegration of the western world.

According to our values, we have also lost the sense of togetherness, and each "nation" tries to get the most out of it. Our Chinese neighbors (globally) have now recovered — after decades of weakness — and are trying to regain their once dominant place in the world.

And the collapsing Russian Federation is trying to save itself in this resulting vacuum — of course with the help of their Fifth Column, which we have made it far too easy for in Europe and which recently even achieved cult status in our country.

No matter what our "experts" may say now, Europe stands and falls with the willingness and ability of the USA to want to keep us and then be able to keep us - if the fifth column doesn't get there first; here, too, one can read very frightening statements, even from our own governing parties.

If we Europeans don't remember our very own values ​​very quickly - including freedom and democracy - and for the first time in our history not only talk about solidarity, but also live it ourselves and unite the still free Europe democratically and federally (Hungary and Co . obviously not one of them!), then we will only serve as a life extension measure of the Russian Federation, and this until the Chinese have come to terms with the rest of the world.

So, dear experts, keep writing like this — as long as you are still allowed to write.

party leader

It's actually an oxymoron, but it's been a very coveted position in our parties for decades. And when you get hold of such an office, you think you can increase the whole thing again and insist on at least one ministerial post — at the same time, of course.

Most people have suspected that this usually doesn't work at all Konrad Adenauer, and a number of party leaders after him have proven this again and again. Either the party fell by the wayside or even the country to be governed — recently it has become more common for the respective incumbents to bring down both.

So it is not surprising that the demand is repeatedly heard to separate party offices from government offices - and this is guided by the simple realization that the parties simply do not have the members qualified for double or additional work.

But the whole thing is taken to the extreme by the "double leadership" in the truest sense of the word, by trying to turn two minuses into pluses. Recently, parties were even able to win elections with it.

In the near future it is to be feared that the "dual leadership" will also be introduced in government offices, which unfortunately does not solve the original problems.


I actually got lost while tinkering and was very happy that I Detlef Stern was able to help quickly and easily. The nice thing about it is that I was able to get to know a lot of new things again and that means that the next handicraft hours are secured.

But I also had to realize that I had long since reached my limits, at least as far as the Internet was concerned, and that I would never be able to do much of what I consider to be successful and elegant on other weblogs.

And so I have no other choice, since I don't want to take up any new studies, than continue to be satisfied with what I can put together with my own tools and knowledge.

So I'll spend a little more time with the IndieWeb before I maybe start another attempt to get a pure HTML weblog up and running.

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