Feature photo: European flags on the theater ship

European flags

In a concerted action together with Herbert Burkhardt and the operations office, we managed to hoist three European flags right next to the theater ship Heilbronn.

The occasion is 6. Hertenstein Talks, which meanwhile attract European federalists from all corners of Europe to Heilbronn. Today not only self-confessed Europeans are happy about this beautiful sight, but also people from Heilbronn, who simply enjoy the last days of summer on the banks of the Neckar.

I can't remember ever seeing so many European flags in one place in Heilbronn. And so I will enjoy the entire day to the fullest.

If you are lured by the flags and are curious about the Hertensteiner Talks, then simply get in touch with my better half on site or, if you like, with me. We will certainly find a place for you.

World Cleanup Day

By the way, today is the World Cleanup Day, where many volunteers work together to promote a clean, healthy and plastic waste-free future by ridding the world of a little bit of waste on this day. In 2021, 14 million people worldwide in 191 countries participated in World Cleanup Day and have 53 Thousand tons of waste removed from nature. With their cleanups (garbage collection campaigns) they set a strong example for a clean, healthy and plastic waste-free environment.

The EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn has for more than three decades and finally in cooperation with Let's Clean Up Europe and the Heilbronn Operations Office made Kiliansplatz a little cleaner every May. I am particularly pleased that the more recent campaign, World Cleanup Day, is so successful, because unfortunately the garbage problem is global and can therefore only be solved by everyone working together.

I was very happy yesterday when, during my tour of the city, I was able to see employees of the Schwarz Group clearing garbage from the educational campus on Europaplatz and also from the banks of the Neckar. the Schwarz Group obviously used the opportunity of the World Cleanup Day in Heilbronn to remove a lot of rubbish from our streets on Friday.

There is hardly a better way to start a weekend.

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