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reading ability

Anyone who can read has a clear advantage. And if you do this, you save yourself a lot of extra work. I've had this realization for a long time, but unfortunately I don't always stick to it myself.

The Lord punishes small sins immediately, so yesterday I had no choice but to schedule a few hours of extra work for today and tomorrow. If this now leads to me learning from it in the long term, then this again had its good sides.

In any case, I'm now back up to date on a very specific club matter - I could have done it a lot easier!


My latest project is also progressing slowly but surely, and so the status assessment is already complete. I was able to find out again that even the best devices are not good if the batteries remain in the device for years. That's why I'm now considering packing the respective batteries on the device.

The whole project will, as already announced, be accompanied by a piece of paper and will soon be further scattered - so I'm curious to see which pieces of paper my backpack piece of paper will be linked to.

It is already certain that the backpack can continue to do its job for decades to come, and the lip balm that I put in it years ago — certainly on the recommendation of my better half — will last for a few more years; a test showed that it is actually like new. I'm assuming that only the Bundeswehr's hard biscuits will hold out longer.

happy cow

In the meantime, it's really vacation time with us; even "militant" regulars currently prefer a walk in the Black Forest to taking part in the virtual European regulars' table. Those who were still present took the opportunity and incidentally made a few useful agreements.

And even the voice of Heilbronn is currently not able to get me excited with one or the other topic. Even the otherwise very active cyclists and scooter riders in the pedestrian zone were on the road with their brakes on. And so yesterday rippled along very quietly and gave me the opportunity to work through one or the other.

And so I extended my walk a bit in the evening, saw even more bats than usual and also took the opportunity to quibble about what is or isn't lying around in the city's gardens — this title and the above picture are a result from that.

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