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Dinner and breakfast

I was able to end an eventful day with my better half over dinner in Frankfurt. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, albeit at very short notice.

And now I'm looking forward to the coming day with great confidence, leafing through Tomorrow's Voice of Heilbronn a little and sparing myself one or the other comment.

If everything goes well, then the intended — as well as necessary — time-out will still work out.


The "beautiful" thing about war is that it forces everyone involved to actually pay the bills. And then the bare reality catches up with you faster than most people would like. And those who made fewer mistakes than the others can hope not to leave the field as losers.

As we have to see once again in Ukraine, it is the socialist systems that are least able to take a confrontation with reality. After all these decades, you could also learn from it and it would certainly not be a bad idea to learn from the mistakes of others.

Unfortunately, we're only looking at the whole thing from the side, at best we're trying to cash in ourselves, without even halfway trying to learn from the mistakes of others.

So robotics will continue to be demonized, and we will all be told that every 50-pound or even completely “adipositive” person—preferably those who cannot be accommodated anywhere else—is one of the future “Generalissimi.”

Suitability, performance and ability are now only pure behavioral problems for us, which also destroy any career.

Vladimir Putins is surprised that his "special operation" is running so unevenly. Let's all be glad that there hasn't been any war in our country, because we too can't stop wondering and amazed.

birthday of the day

Eithne Patricia Ni Bhraonain

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