Government XXL

Bad ministers and secretaries of state don't get better by raising more precarious party members into office. Even if I begrudge all my fellow citizens the fact that they earn stupid and stupid money, the state government should be more careful with our tax money. Only once again together the song of the "black zerointoning does not save our households.

European hypocrisy

Side note: the European Ministry fell victim to the explosive expansion of the government and the civil service. Both parties probably wanted to say goodbye to at least one hypocrisy. From tomorrow until the general election, however, both parties will once again unreservedly commit themselves to Europe — they will continue to rely entirely on the poor memory of their voters.

Lektür to

A little easier reading today. Amartya Sens"identity and violence’ from 2006 can be read very fluently and fits the topic quite well my own book; his ideas represented there are also very similar to those of the European federalists. Perhaps also because he is the son-in-law of Eugenio Colorni at a hunt.

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