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I remark on Twitter - in my own way - very politely that it would be helpful for everyone if the sources of good quotes were given a little better, which should actually be very easy for the quotes poster, since it does has been submitted, and I'm already being promoted: this time even to the position of politician.

I know Wolf Lotter not, but research doesn't really seem to be his thing. But he has a slightly oversized self-confidence — which, incidentally, is said of many Austrians.

And as is well known, a genuine Austrian is always at least a doctor; but in this case more of a Ph.D. 


I've slowly come to terms with the fact that our city administration can no longer get construction projects of any kind on the line. And so we must continue to hope that Dieter schwarz and other people from Heilbronn ensure that construction in Heilbronn is still successful.

Our streets and squares are expensive rubble fields, the Buga Bridge officially certified scrap before completion, our schools continue to crumble, even the recently renovated ones. The new "radhaus" in front of the train station is just a joke and fits in perfectly with the entire ensemble. And for all these great top performances, we have our own building mayor and countless administrative employees — and the number is growing all the time!

Only our town hall and the other municipal administration buildings are without blemish and are continuously kept up to date with the latest convenience standards. And even if our municipal councilors, according to the Heilbronner voice (March 17.3.2023, 29: 400), "throw Ringle's plans", he gets his showers for the city administration employees for at least 000 euros. And the Grünewald School will continue as already written by me in a blog post, didn't get their new windows, which were overdue for years. Our municipal councils were allowed to profile themselves a little and the building mayor just has to book the new administration showers a little differently.

Because the municipal council and administration continue to agree that if our administrative staff are happy, then so are the municipal councils. How we Heilbronn and our children are doing, that plays no role for this illustrious circle, because otherwise one would have e.g. B. for this 400 euros at least a few children's playgrounds made roadworthy.


To make the whole thing a little clearer, you don't hang a 10 cubic meter mailbox in front of your front door, not even in front of a company. And the mailboxes that may still exist there are also very clear in their size. Nevertheless, all mailboxes for digital mail are getting bigger and so two gigabytes are no longer unusual. In addition, even people who consider themselves particularly important now insist that their own e-mail inbox must be at least 50 gigabytes in size.

And so the mailbox size no longer correlates with the work to be done, but with one's own ego. In any case, if you can't get by with a mailbox size of two gigabytes, it's best to be freed from any brain work - such people are an existential threat to every company.

If you usually come to work in the morning, then it's quite possible that you'll find a few hundred e-mails - the two gigabytes should be enough for that. Larger attachments have not been sent (compressed) by e-mail for years, but have been made available for download via a link sent in an e-mail if you are not already working with documents in a much more modern way.

And so the large mass of digital mail is only a few kilobytes in size and can therefore no longer flood an e-mail inbox - not even with a real workaholic. The art is — I have already written my own blog posts on this — to sift through all inboxes at the start of work and work through them throughout the day. At the end of the day, a mailbox is empty except for a few e-mails, including drafts for the following day or things that still need to be done on the following day.

I have a little sympathy for private individuals who want to make themselves as comfortable as possible and don't know what to do with filing cabinets, archives and card boxes. They actually like to collect their e-mails in Outlook, Mail and Co. but then delete everything regularly as soon as their mailbox reaches its limit.

In any case, if you can't manage with the size of your mailbox, you've completely lost control of your own life!

As a volunteer, I can get annoyed about such luminaries again, hence this post today.

urban development

The New York Times (16.3.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX) has a very interesting article about developments in six slightly larger cities. Jenna Schnuer writes about a couple of very interesting structural projects under the title “6 Cities on 5 Continents That Are Reimagining Urban Life – What we can learn from creative city initiatives, from Sydney to Paris.” With the cable car, we could have done it together with the BUGA. And you could also take a closer look at the other projects.

Her conclusion: "Far too often, city initiatives don't actually address the needs of residents — and sometimes they create even bigger problems, especially for those who are most vulnerable." — especially here in Heilbronn!

My readers can read this article here verlinkt read for free.

Sabr Alptekin 

Sabir Alptekin is a musician and composer from Heilbronn who is currently studying to become a teacher. His stage name comes without an "i" in the first name, so no spelling mistake.

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