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During my walk through town I once again Thomas Aurich met and we started chatting. It quickly went from one topic to another. And then Thomas asked if I had noticed that the pianos were missing. When he mentioned it, I noticed it too. In 2019 there were still 12 pianos and one grand piano, which were installed as part of the “Play me! Heilbronn" in the city center invited people to make music. It's really a shame that this project no longer exists.


Boys can be really exhausting, you notice that when you join meseno brings in. The Meeting Point+ has been there for some time and now that I've also been vaccinated, I'll stop by there again. I was very pleased that the boys, who I was initially allowed to look after in a group, have now developed so splendidly. Thanks to the caregivers who didn't give up during COVID-19! — What could become of these boys if their parents would take care of something too?!

game night

Yesterday at game night my better half and I were challenged to a game that was new to us, and since I wanted to win one of these games, the evening dragged on — you wouldn't believe how time flies.

We owe the wonderful evening to Konstantin, who brought the game and Wolfgang kramerwho called this game "6takes!' invented back in the 1990s.

site of the day

play me! in Heilbronn

"See you again in 2021 - stay healthy!"

birthday of the day

Pure Greuling

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