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Today I'm just bursting with ideas, it must be the cough syrup. One could explicitly include the non-voters in the count right from the start and then also list the "party" or voting group of the non-voters.

And so that some life can come back into our democracy, the group of voters is awarded parliamentary seats according to the number of votes. And these parliamentary seats are then allocated by lottery among all those entitled to stand as a passive voter.

I firmly believe that our democracy will flourish in a whole new way and future government policies will certainly not get any worse. But our professional politicians will hardly be able to deal with so much democracy!


A phone call between my better half and a Lufthansa employee made for a pleasant start to the week; unknown way a big compliment from me to this one.

Still dealing with the after-effects of the man flu, my significant other and I need to be a little more flexible than usual. The good thing is that Lufthansa has no problems with so much flexibility, and my better half can deal with man flu after all these years.

And so it remains exciting, and I'll see what other surprises the day or week has to offer.

Although I would actually be fully occupied with the surprises that reached me by e-mail last night alone. The really exciting thing is whether and how I can ever make this public as an independent blog post without being bothered by shysters?


The non-voters are now the largest party in NRW with 44,5% of all those entitled to vote, followed by the election winner, the CDU, with 35,7% [19,8% of those entitled to vote]. However, the Greens can be described as the winners of the elections, with 18,2% [10,9% of those entitled to vote] recording the largest increases and probably the only party that was able to win over non-voters.

The SPD was rewarded for its lack of content and the FDP for its ministers, which in turn Christian Lindners statement confirms: "It's better not to govern badly." We were also able to learn that small scandals do a party more good than harm, which is probably due to the fact that many voters are now happy if they only deal with "smaller criminals " have to do.

The good thing about the election was that the left was marginalized and the Nazi party lost its feathers too — but again there is room for improvement.

And the really interesting thing about the election will be the coming government formation. The good thing is that voters and non-voters alike will have to live with it for the coming years — maybe that will motivate one or the other to vote again next time.

[I've included the real percentages just to better illustrate the challenge we Democrats are actually facing. Simply talking up and counting how it looks best doesn't help. And for the sake of completeness, also the SPD: 14,8% and the FDP: 3,2%]

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