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bleeding out

On February 24, 2022, the Putin regime crossed an unstoppable line. And as tragic as it may be for all involved, the Ukraine-Russia conflict must now be settled once and for all.

How this conflict will end if the west of Ukraine does not stab in the back again, but now massively supports it, was already being discussed in the specialist media from mid-2020. The Russian Federation is so exhausted in Ukraine that its armed forces will not be able to take an offensive for years to come. In addition, the Putin regime must be replaced and the Russian Federation must be sued; here it must be ensured that there are no Paris Agreements, as was the case with the former German Reich in 1919, but that the new Russian government is paved the way back into the community of states – ideally in the western world.

And as a price for victorious Ukraine, NATO and EU membership can — yes, must — follow.

It would be absolutely wrong for the West to force a peace on Ukraine that would result in the country being divided or neutral. Without a real democratic perspective, the Ukrainians will only be able to go into Russian servitude, and all the reconstruction work and payments made by the West up to that point will only further strengthen the Russian terror regime.

Therefore, the same applies here: some conflicts have to be carried out to the bitter end.

European regular's table

Even if only virtually, yesterday's European regulars' table was very exciting again. Everything revolved around the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and how we Europeans might have been able to prevent it. Opinion about German government policy was divided: most of the regulars believed that the cause was mere “incompetence”, while I am becoming more and more convinced that this happened on purpose, and the last talk of Olaf Scholz in the Bundestag was more of a kind of "jump action", similar to that of Gunter Schabowski to the opening of the border. And as is well known, such events can hardly be undone. Now I'm curious to see how the federal government and the Union want to capture this again.


By now we should have gotten used to the fact that our local council is open to the strangest things. But driving near the Crimea during a war and concluding a town twinning for peace with the aggressor — deliberately not with the victim (!) — still takes some getting used to, even by Heilbronn standards.

Today's picture in the Heilbronner Stimme (March 16.03.2022, 24: XNUMX) of local councilors, including two Russian uniformed men, suggests that the victorious Russian fleet was also celebrated on the Black Sea. But let's assume for the benefit of our local councilors that they were mainly interested in the trip and the drinks. And at the same time, they also decided on the upcoming election victory of our mayor.

It is positive, and I don't want to leave this unmentioned, that after a long back and forth, the mayor's sudden change of heart has now been followed and put this town twinning on hold for the time being — until grass has grown over the matter. Taking responsibility for your own mess has never been one of our strengths.

I think we should discuss the Heilbronn municipal council. I'm doing a first look at this in the forum and I'm wondering why there aren't actually any city councilors with a migration background?

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