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rule of law mechanism

After much back and forth, the European Court of Justice has now declared a new regulation to punish violations of the rule of law in the EU (rule of law mechanism) to be legal. As expected, Poland and Hungary are up in arms against this judgment of the highest court and see their prejudices against Europe confirmed.

It is doubtful that the Commission will ever use the rule of law mechanism against these two member states. Never, ever becomes the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen agree that their "party friends" and benefactors will actually have their EU funds cut in the last step of the now lawful catalog of measures. 

Poland and Hungary will continue to rail against the EU, cash in and establish a genuine dictatorship in their countries. The Commission will continue to do nothing. And we Union citizens are put off by the fact that, if we wanted to, we could turn off the money supply to the enemies of democracy and Europe - but we don't want to!

book sale

When the days are a bit dreary and the mood drops accordingly, I am particularly happy when I can send a book out again.

And as soon as I ship a book, I take the opportunity to add another book to my stack. So today I added a book that was often recommended to me on Twitter. And as I put the book on the stack, I couldn't help but leaf through it. So I was quite astonished that the content of the book could hardly or not at all be reconciled with the "statements of faith" announced on Twitter and the statements made by the people recommending this book. This in turn leads me to assume that those people probably could not have read this book - but at least must have problems with reading comprehension.

But no matter what, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it. And so this multiple book recommendation was perhaps just a coincidence, but a very fortunate one.


It went a little quicker than feared. Since yesterday, Kümmerle's weblog should be fully functional again. Thanks to the support of a few professionals, because as a hobbyist it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep a website running on your own, especially if you simply intervene in the running processes without any backup, network or double bottom, to quickly to try something new.

But as I said before, I simply allow myself this luxury of deliberate dilettantism. And then, fortunately, there are always nice people who stand by you “in an emergency” and try to save what can still be saved. It worked once again and at least I like the result — it has to, because that's what fundamentally distinguishes a private blog from a company website.

Detlef Stern yesterday used the virtual European regulars' table to give me a few more tips, which isn't quite right in the weblog; I will probably open this construction site soon.

And with the blogs and the microblog services, such. Twitter, for example, is actually an instructive matter, because you not only get a good insight into freedom of expression and information with all its shades and excesses, but some of us also learn how to deal with it — ergo, democracy training without a curriculum and own agenda.

And the wonderful thing about this whole thing is that you don't have to read the things that you don't like and don't like or that you find offensive.

At the latest when you subscribe to microblogs or weblogs that you absolutely hate and read them regularly, you should start thinking — but by that I don't mean about the blogs.

blog of the day

Lothar Birkner
The weblog of Lothar Birkner, a self-confessed conservative, is new to my blogroll. His themes are similar to mine about God and the world, but his perspective is a little different.

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