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It has been known for decades that we will be dealing with a changing climate and that we are partly to blame for this, if not entirely to blame. Unfortunately, apart from the beginnings of a liberal political youth organization at the end of the 1970s, there was never really a party that actually made this an issue. Apart from mere chatter and authoritarian fantasies of prohibition.

The bottom line is that we all should have known and each of us had enough time to do our part, however small, to improve things. In any case, it has been a stupid idea for at least 50 years to build on a river property or to move into a domicile in a valley.

So it is very astonishing that this became a real model for success, that urban sprawl was even continued and, as the greatest evil, soil sealing became a popular sport — even today, paths in forests and fields have to be at least asphalted and recently even received asphalt Expressways for cyclists a whole new quality.

As can now be seen, retention basins only help to a limited extent and not at all if the entire catchment area has been concreted or asphalted.

One could even calculate how much additional rain would seep away in a city alone if all sidewalks and cycle paths, side streets and parking lots were not asphalted.

It is also disadvantageous that surface water is allowed to drain away faster, so that the groundwater level continues to sink and our forests slowly but surely dry out.


Money is the central instrument to be able to create a functioning trade and a flourishing economy overall; but this still requires a market economy that is as free as possible, the weaknesses of which are compensated for by a social component.

The good thing about cash is that it gives citizens freedoms that some states would like to restrict. The advantage of "digital" money, on the other hand, is that you can shop more conveniently and maybe even trade better. The now different payment systems ensure that there is not only a separate market for this, but also that the control of individual citizens is made more difficult.

So it is understandable that the European Union now also wants to get involved in this sector. It would be good if it could create a product that could compete with the other payment systems and leave it up to the citizen how and when to use the various products.

Unfortunately, however, it can be expected that the "digital euro" will mature into a monster that will not only become the sole digital payment function stipulated by law, but will also abolish cash and, if we are not very careful, a new control system. and steering tool for us Union citizens.

In any case, in contrast to other payment systems, we will always have to pay fees for the digital euro — whether we use it or not — that are already making our ears dangle.


All our parties agree on one thing, namely that not only our parliaments have to grow, but also the number of ministries and the number of employees in the administrations - there are around one million party members to be supported.

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World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

Sustainable water management is becoming increasingly urgent. But this is only a part of the whole problem. This WWF foundation has been concerned with preserving biological diversity, the sustainable use of natural resources and curbing environmental pollution and harmful consumer behavior since 1961.

There was something else

On this day in 1997 was Gianni Versace murdered for no reason. His clothing stores were the only ones I liked going to. Not only because of the joy of colour, which even attracted me, but above all because of the friendliness and impartiality of its salespeople.

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