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European Convention 

They talk Ursula von der Leyens have never really blown me away, her speeches as a minister even drove me to the brink of despair, and at the latest when she became President of the Commission she will probably go down in the history books in general as the “woman of false promises”.

In any case, she is already one of those professional politicians who only leave rubble and shards in their wake, no matter what they may be dealing with. However, she is currently developing a completely new reputation as Commission President, namely that of a "Several Trillion Dollar Woman" - none throws our tax money around like that Ursula von der Leyen. Only the fact that she's never really gotten anything together can calm things down.

And so I haven't taken her seriously for a long time, let alone true. And suddenly you hear from all corners and from all the media that she is said to have "found the right tone" in her speech on the state of the EU today by finally agreeing to the demand of the European federalists and the European Parliament for a European Convention but connected.

Oh, how I would wish that this politician would succeed in something!


What has only been discussed behind closed doors in the last few days is now also in the voice of Heilbronn (September 14.9.2022, 21: 52): "Further cost increases for the construction of the Buga Bridge". The amazing and really unpleasant thing about it is how the city administration deals with public funds and without any inhibitions within a few months, e.g. For example, 000 euros wasted instead of the envisaged 290 euros for an external consulting office, the meaning and purpose of which can be questioned without major problems - and that should not even have been the last increase.

Wolfgang Müller von der Heilbronnerstimme describes the entire matter as a "staircase joke" and comments:

"Because the office has more to do than originally thought, because quite obviously a number of companies involved in the construction are not doing their job properly. And the construction supervision also seems overwhelmed. So additional costs create additional costs.” 

Wolfgang Müller, Voice of Heilbronn (14.9.2022/21/XNUMX: XNUMX)

It's just a shame that the Heilbronn municipal council can't think of anything else to do than just agree. At least the expertise of another consulting firm was not obtained for this approval.


Yesterday evening my better half and I were able to improve our knowledge of Quickstep and took the opportunity to help Klaus Brenner still set the date for the next Europe Ball.

This time the Europe Ball will not be in summer, but right at the beginning of autumn on September 23, 2023 at the Brenner Dance School be held. And so the Europe Ball will also be the culmination of what is now the 7th Hertenstein Talks, which previously took place throughout Saturday.

Now the location of the Hertenstein Talks and also the location of the European Breakfast on Sunday morning must be determined, then we can already start advertising the European Weekend 2023 in Heilbronn.

We recommend all those who enjoyed this year's events — or, in the case of the 6th Hertenstein Talks this Saturday, will still like them — to register now for the upcoming events in order to be sure of getting a place.

Without question, all three events are each a highlight in the event canon of the city of Heilbronn and together will result in a wonderful European weekend.

If you have further ideas for this European weekend or if you would like to cooperate with the EUROPA-UNION in this regard, please contact me.

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