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In the evening, at very short notice, I met European federalists from the lowlands. The meeting took place on the Stettenfels Castle instead, which also guaranteed a wonderful view of the landscape.

The topic of the meeting was the recently announced Action 500, which is intended to lead the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn out of the pandemic with new impetus. I was very pleased that the members present came up with very detailed questions. I was even happier that they assured me of their support.

So I was able to end the day highly motivated.


For the first time I was at an event organized by Diakonie im Martin Luther In 2017 we drew attention to the fact that the success of the western world in general and our German society in particular is based on Protestantism.

This thesis, which was very steep for me at the time, gave me food for thought and I am now firmly convinced that this is the case. Added to that Joseph Henrich with his book "The WEIRDest People in the World“ (2019) builds up a corresponding and very good chain of arguments.

In a nutshell, Protestantism has managed to give not only scripture but also covenant faithfulness a very high priority in our Western societies. And both are the basis for our success. This is what distinguishes us to this day from the “clan societies”, which are based exclusively on family honor and live from hand to mouth.

However, our successful model is currently being vehemently attacked and questioned from two sides at the same time. On the one hand quite obviously from our political parties themselves, whose members are slowly but surely retarding towards pure clan structures - the last days of the election campaign serve as a good illustration - and on the other hand from very many immigrants who admittedly - and understandably - from our social success would like to benefit, but would like to retain their traditional clan structures and completely antiquated values.

If we still want to save our Western world, then not every inhabitant has to become a Christian or even a Protestant, but every inhabitant must clearly and once and for all accept that we are all a legal community in which agreements, contracts and laws are observed and not only respects the local rules and customs, but also lives it himself.

wine village

Today one could read in the voice of Heilbronn that there are efforts from several sides to establish a permanent wine village in Heilbronn.

This fits in with the other efforts to turn every vineyard around Heilbronn into a tavern and to ensure that you don't have to walk ten meters in the city center to find a rest in a pub.

All of this only becomes comprehensible if you look at the aging of our population, the heads of administration and the municipal council. In Heilbronn we are in the fortunate position of having a lot of people who have enough money and plenty of time to enjoy life to the fullest.

In addition, there is slowly but surely a surge of young people who, because they belong to a university, also have time to exchange ideas in pubs and businesses.

As comfortable as the whole thing is and as nice as it is to be able to access such a large variety of culinary offers, we have to be very careful that eating and drinking does not become a unique selling point for Heilbronn.

At the latest when our local transport, which may even be “free”, is overcrowded every morning and evening with loud wine village visitors, one should think about our city, because what will happen to Heilbronn once the wave of pensioners is well protected in the cemeteries?

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