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election posters

The first election posters can be admired again and let the average citizen know that they are expected to vote again soon, namely for the 20th federal election.

It remains to be seen whether the previous posters and their statements are sufficient to persuade the citizens to vote.


Last night I was able to fire up my grill in a very pleasant atmosphere. And since the food on the grill did exactly what I expected from it, I can book this evening as "extremely successful".


The State Treaty on Gaming in Germany has been in force since July 1, 2012 and will probably also be implemented when the new version comes into force on July 1, 2021.

In my opinion, this gave the operators of arcades enough time to take the interests of the legislator into account. Over the past ten years, the operators of online gambling and slot machines have shown that this is definitely possible Amendment of the State Treaty step out of illegality.

Seen as a layman, it obviously helped a lot that the online gambling operators created well-paying part-time jobs for our celebrities — a game about the gang, so to speak.

And the amusement arcades that are now disappearing in Heilbronn will certainly soon be replaced by hairdressers, make-up shops or kebab shops.

site of the day


There is no question that the operators of the Kaufland web shop (online marketplace) have done a good job. The integration of one's own branches might even become the killer criterion.

Now I'm curious to see if they can also catch up with Amazon.

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