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Fete Nationale Française

Once a federal holiday, July 14 has evolved into a national holiday in France. It probably acquired its current importance when the celebrations on July 14, 1919 coincided with the triumphal procession to end the First World War. Since that time, the corresponding military parades have become an integral part of Paris. Since the 1990s, German soldiers have also marched in this parade from time to time.

I don't like military parades myself, so I have fond memories of the French National Day celebrations, where our French friends threw up whatever was available. In addition, I am firmly convinced that every soldier enjoys celebrating together far more than parading on tarred streets for the public.

So I wish all French people a "bonne fête du 14 juillet à toutes et à tous !"

And I wish all soldiers - no matter where they come from - that one day they will be given the choice of whether they would rather parade or celebrate.


To George Leber no defense minister really took care of the Bundeswehr anymore. Since then, this has only served the ministers in order to be able to accompany a ministerial office and to be able to put themselves in the right light. Most of the time, the mood was good among one's own colleagues and they were happy to help free up funds from the defense budget for other departments or even completely different purposes.

And since these ministers didn't care about the Bundeswehr, the soldiers didn't have to expect support or backing from politicians.

The whole thing was perfected by the last three ministers to such an extent that soldiers only serve as accessories for their own press photos. Whether one or the other soldier loses his life is negligible political collateral damage.

The last minister has now taken it to the extreme and made it absolutely clear to all fellow citizens and the rest of the world that in Germany soldiers are really the very last thing for politics, not even worth free and completely meaningless gossip!

Wait, but there was something else?!

Exactly, a federal election in September — the opportunity to campaign again at the expense of the Bundeswehr.

Our ministries are now getting their curfew; It's just a pity for the minister that my 59 comrades are already buried, because then their coffins would have to be used to present themselves as a "tough dog" and to bring them up for higher offices.

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