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proximity to citizens

Thomas Zimmerman from the Heilbronner voice rightly complained today using an example, namely the ongoing restrictions on access to the town hall, the lack of closeness to the citizens of our local prince.

“There were times when terms like 'citizen participation' and 'transparency' were capitalized in the municipal administrations of the republic. People liked to talk about the 'glass town hall'..."

Thomas Zimmermann (HST, 14.06.2022/21/XNUMX: XNUMX)

As a professional politician, when you have completely lost touch with the environment, you only surround yourself with those of your own kind, preferably with oligarchs, befitting your status and it is best to block the town hall completely for his subjects.

Image Galleries

It's the same thing with these galleries, my better half will remind me right away that these are actually photo galleries. But (almost) everyone knows what this is about and what I mean by that. I had already created and operated such galleries on a wide variety of websites with a wide variety of software and, like my calendars, also taken them offline because the effort required for this was disproportionate to the number of users.

Now I've decided to use such picture galleries as part of my own Zettelkasten and to give the interested reader an insight; Ergo, these galleries are now my galleries and I'm doing all the work for myself now, almost, because I'm going to create such a collection for one of the next upcoming birthdays and also give the target person a hint about it.

Now I'm curious how this new approach will affect the same thing?


Actually, I didn't want to publish a newsletter from the EUROPA-UNION this month, but then a death intervened - usually this is completely unexpected, as it is here - and made it necessary to reschedule our events.

In order to lose as few participants as possible, I had to find different ways to inform our members about the current change; hence the circular in June. And those of my weblog readers who have not yet subscribed to these newsletters, which I of course very much regret, are welcome to do so too see this hyperlink and reading.

I'm afraid again that there will be new demands for a calendar. Since these are not used after my years of experience, I will stick with them and only offer my corresponding appointment page

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