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Free Voters Heilbronn

It's getting exciting. Now there are "officially" two Free Voters' associations in the city, namely the Free Voters' splinter group, which has been established for decades and has been a very illustrious splinter group for a few days, of which I personally can only take one member halfway seriously.

As a member of the Free Voters who has to keep looking sideways, this reminds me a lot of the group's Monty Python's Life of Brian Monty Python from 1979. And there especially to the scene "The People's Front of Judea" - our society probably never changes.

Let's look at it positively, because now there is a chance that the conflicts can be dealt with openly and that this will result in the Freie Wahler Heilbronn profiling themselves, whereby ultimately the voters - i.e. we ourselves - will decide who in Heilbronn the Freie Wahler, or whatever a non-partisan electoral group or association calls itself, is represented on the municipal council. Perhaps the free voters in Heilbronn even have so much potential that there can be several free voters' associations that will campaign for our interests in the Heilbronn municipal council.

Of the current free voters in the Heilbronn municipal council, however, only Herbert Burkhardt and Eugene Gall my trust. And what the two other renegade municipal councils are doing with their entourage is more than underground. I only hope that these actions will also be legally processed, because all (!) free voters in Heilbronn have suffered damage.

I hate to repeat myself, but the whole thing set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de will soon be worked through in a general meeting - which will then certainly take a little longer. Because if you allow a general meeting to be completely deceived and lied to with impunity, then you can save yourself the whole issue of “free voters” in Heilbronn!

NRW election

Actually, no one knows the candidates, although both top candidates have a lot in common, eg they don't know their own election programs. But that doesn't matter at all, since, as is well known, these are not worth the paper they were printed on and, thanks to a good education policy, in NRW you can hardly read and write yourself.

But since the elections won't take place until Sunday, there is still hope that the candidates will gain a little more profile. As a last measure, you can take a helicopter to Sylt with the Minister of Defense at short notice and post the whole thing on social media.


It's finally here and the library will be expanded a little. I would be very happy if there would also be an opportunity to have a coffee on the first floor. I've already seen why that's a good idea stated in a post.

The conversion will start in the summer; therefore the K3 location is expected to be closed for about a year from the end of July 2022.

After the 2022 summer break, you can select the desired media from the holdings of the city library in K3 via the electronic catalog and pick them up in the alternative quarters on the Dammschule school premises.

The employees of the city library are looking forward to the reopening in 2023 with more space, more quality of stay, improved infrastructure and many other innovations.

In the "meantime" there will be as many libraries as possible: some of the district libraries offer extended opening hours.

Information picture of the city library from their newsletter no. 10/2022

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