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Post photo: Allee | © Shutterstock


You can find the relevant poem here dr August Stramm (1874-1915). dr Stramm fought last as a battalion commander on the Eastern Front. On September 1, 1915 he fell in an attack on Russian positions on the Dnieper-Bug Canal.


From all corners, fears of desire roar



The life

In front



The gasping death

The skies shred.

The blind slaughter wildly in terror.


To all those who have not yet subscribed to the newsletters of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn and also rarely look at the calendar of this weblog, I would like to point out an in-person event that deals with a very, very topical issue, namely armament policy.

When I chose this topic, I didn't dare to think how timely and relevant this will soon be for all of us. This year's lecture on armaments policy, which I will be giving on Friday, March 18, 2022 at 18.00 p.m. in the Arkus, ties in with this Oliver Dursts lecture on European space travel and already includes the latest findings on Russian armaments policy.

I would be very happy to welcome some of my readers to the lecture. And I'm already looking forward to the relevant discussions.


Today's reading of the daily newspaper made my alarm bells ring twice and I was admittedly tempted to start the week entirely with internals from Heilbronn. Thanks to an email from yesterday Stephen Zander But then I decided to just sit out both topics. I am still certain that these will simmer in Heilbronn this year and that I will not be able to avoid addressing them later.

Indeed, there are more important things than navel-gazing at the moment, especially since one can assume that those responsible on site are one thing, namely completely resistant to advice. And so I can be glad that there are hardly any demonstrations of sympathy for Putin and his murder gangs here either.

And the gentleman who recommended capitulation to Ukraine in a letter to the editor today is certainly one of those people who advise women who have been raped not to behave so stupidly.

decision of the day

The Federal Committee of the EUROPA-UNION has the following position on the war of aggression by the Russian Federation and Belarus against Ukraine:

Putin's war of aggression in Ukraine - a turning point for the EU (March 12, 2022)

birthdays of the day

Albert Einstein and Paul Ehrlich

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