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Today I not only winterized my computers, but also looked for new uses for the note store searched. Unfortunately, since I was not able to implement my ideas as I would have liked, I networked the Zettelstore internally for my private purposes.

Now I'll see how I can get through the winter with the new settings and arrangements. So it remains exciting.


The discussion about bridging aid for our gastronomy is currently getting going again. What particularly amazes me is the fact that some entrepreneurs assume that they will not have to pay them back.

I am even more amazed that the aid is not simply linked to the data deposited with the tax office, because then the payments could be based on the taxable income and would certainly be justified.

But whether these bridging aids will now be paid and in what amount, as well as the question of whether they have to be repaid again and then also in what amount, the actual problem remains and is only further delayed with state aid. Namely that we have far too many restaurants in Heilbronn and yet some of them have long, if not always, been working below the break-even point — pandemic back and forth.

So you could always see how restaurants open and close again, that's still normal everyday life, at least in this industry - and it should stay that way.

game night

Yesterday it was a little later than usual, because nobody wanted to be the loser of the evening. It started with us playing the game 6takes! had pulled out of the drawer again. And as always when it's fun, the time goes by way too fast.

birthday of the day

Heinrich Heine

night thoughts (poems of the time, 1844)

I think of Germany at night 
Then I lost my sleep 
I can't close my eyes anymore 
And my hot tears flow.

The years come and go! 
Since I haven't seen my mother 
Twelve years have already passed; 
My longing and desire grows.

My longing and desire grows. 
The old woman bewitched me 
I always think of the old 
The old woman, God save! 

The old woman loves me so much 
And in the letters she wrote 
I see her hand shaking 
How deeply the mother's heart is shaken.

My mother is always on my mind. 
Twelve long years flowed away 
Twelve long years have passed 
Since I don't like them.

Germany has eternal existence, 
It's a healthy country 
With its oaks, its linden trees, 
I'll always find it again 

I don't long for Germany so much 
If the mother weren't there; 
The fatherland will never perish, 
However, the old woman can die. 

Since I left the country 
So many sank there into the grave, 
I loved - when I count them, 
So my soul wants to bleed to death. 

And I have to count - With the number 
My torment swells higher and higher, 
I feel as if the corpses are rolling 
On my chest - thank God! they go!

Thank God! breaks through my windows 
French bright daylight; 
My wife comes, beautiful as the morning, 
And smiles away the German worries.

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