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My walk through the city center also occasionally brings back some very nice memories. Especially when the weather is good, there is recently a Heilbronn pub, in front of which more and more used luxury cars gather and their supposed owners watch with amusement as pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders and prams struggle to avoid having to switch to the tram tracks.

Back in the 1980s, there was a Munich bar called Extrablatt, where luxury car owners had fun by spending a bottle of MOËT & CHANDON for every parking ticket or even a towed car.

The difference to Heilbronn is that in Munich it was a matter of very attractive new cars with very generous owners, and the public order office also stopped by every day and handed out traffic tickets.

At that time, the Munich spectacle delighted the passers-by, the guests, the pub owner, the champagne house and us taxpayers, the Heilbronn copy apart from me - who is reminded of a good time - probably only the pub guests, who are obviously too stingy to pay parking fees .

Yesterday afternoon — I just can't help but mention it — we saw the public order office while walking. This time they were traveling in the car, and in the time we were able to see them, the "officials" overlooked a good 10 administrative offences, such as parking in the pedestrian zone, blocking sidewalks and missing masks. One can assume that they receive a bonus for every time they look the other way, and therefore, when driving, increase their quota.


Some people are simply more equal than others, and that will probably always have been the case — all over the world and also here in Heilbronn. It also regularly becomes public and a small wave of excitement rolls through the country. One or two excitement in the newspaper and everything goes back to normal.


My brother-in-law starts today Dan Schaffer a new phase of life, namely that of a pensioner. I still remember exactly how he once showed me his mobile home, which was somewhere in the pampas of Ohio. Only a few decades and a number of changes later, he is now at home in the Eifel, which can safely be described as Pampa. The big advantage for me is that you can now use the train or the car instead of the plane.

And since he continues to boy scouts is very connected, he will definitely not get bored.

"Old age ain't no place for sissies."

Bette Davis, on her 70th birthday (obituary in Newsweek 1989)

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