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The Cycling in Heilbronn has meanwhile degenerated into a sheer ideology for many, for which one no longer has to show any consideration. And our municipal council has obviously advertised all pedestrians in Heilbronn as fair game.

Today I went for a walk in the city with my better half. As we walked along the cycle lane — a good five meters wide and deserted — we were harassed, harassed and coerced by several cyclists on the sidewalk. In advance, we were almost run over by a cyclist on the sidewalk while strolling along the Bahnhofstraße, which at least partially has a nice red cycle path. And finally arrived back in the pedestrian zone, we had to because of a child on a E-Scooter jump to the side.

If it doesn't matter in Heilbronn who, where, when and with what and with or without a driver's license, then it would be better if we renovated our sidewalks and pedestrian zones and just let the bike paths stay.

Alternatively, cycling on sidewalks is prohibited, at least where there are cycle paths or even cycle lanes. And in the pedestrian zone — just like in other big cities — the cyclists have to push their electric cars. And the whole thing is then - unfortunately, of necessity - controlled and sanctioned.

Social media

With the way the so-called social media have developed, one can confidently speak of a failure of human coexistence. Not only in the course of elections do they become dangerous machine gun-like opinion slingers, which we humans cannot resist for very long.

The bad thing is that in the medium to long term they even tempt stoics to join in these mud fights. And even those who withdraw from social media precisely because of this realization usually only do so temporarily and half-heartedly (passive mode) and can also be “triggered” again very quickly — you (machine) just have to press the right “button” Find.

But maybe the social media are just the mirror that shows everyone their own personality in a completely unvarnished way. And also a preliminary stage of what awaits us all when artificial intelligence one day comes about.

That's why we humans have to ask ourselves whether we are even capable of dealing with so much honesty and self-awareness? Or even, are we humans even able to deal with reality (Plato's allegory of the cave)?

And scientists as well as ethicists have to ask themselves what will happen to all of us when we are confronted with a non-human — artificial — intelligence?


Hardly any significance is attached to the incidences, at least until the Bundestag elections. To underline this, each expert can now throw in his own new unit of account. And, if I understood it halfway correctly, it is now the intensive care beds in our hospitals that are supposed to make the difference.

Until now I still thought that it was about our health and not about a halfway organized death management.

So I am reminded again that those responsible are solely concerned with their own well-being and woe. One can live with that, and there was once a corresponding scientific theory ("political economy of politics") about it.

But our professional politicians should be so decent and not always babble about honesty, commitment, voluntary work, homeland or even a sense of duty.

Unfortunately, the election campaign time, similar to carnival or carnival, is now the time when everyone is allowed to do anything and without any consequences. The problem with this: our chosen carnival princes or princesses stay with us for a full four years after the federal elections. And some of those responsible on site even for eight years! We can't simply return them to the cloakroom on Ash Wednesday, as is usual at carnival.

Incidentally, the Heilbronn incidence is 137 (September 6, 10) according to the Heilbronner voice and 2021 (September 152,6, 11) according to the time. Then a Narrhalla March!

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