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Bike paths

recumbent biker drew me to a letter from the editor today Gunter Boehme from the Heilbronner Voice, which, however, was already published there on July 5, 2022.

"Check bike lanes carefully
On the subject of 'More than 30 million euros for the cycle path network'.

Everywhere there is talk of soil sealing and global warming, at the same time there are plans for express cycle lanes up to five meters wide, just because it is trendy at the moment to plan for cyclists and tax money is available. It doesn't seem to matter whether these are necessary and used at all. I walk a lot and you only see most cyclists on weekends when the weather is nice - otherwise it's dead. We have many well-developed dirt roads, if they are signposted properly, many cyclists and pedestrians can use them without disturbing each other, with mutual consideration. But perhaps individual municipalities would also like to be seen as particularly bicycle-friendly, showing routes that have hardly seen a cyclist so that they can boast of so-and-so many kilometres. So before you start planning, check carefully whether there are any alternatives before you spend money unnecessarily.”

Günter Böhme, voice of Heilbronn (05.07.2022: 28)

In my opinion there is nothing further to add.

House boats

I was very happy to read today in the Heilbronner Voice (12.07.2022/23/XNUMX: XNUMX) that Thomas Aurich open to the idea of Houseboats on the Neckar is in Heilbronn. I now have at least one of forty city councilors on my side - that's a good start.

And the voice editors even mention the advantages of the port of Heilbronn:

"One of the great advantages of the port of Heilbronn lies in the so-called trimodal connection, goods can be transshipped here in three ways: water, road and rail."

Heilbronner Stimme (12.07.2022/23/XNUMX: XNUMX)

Dear editors, if you have now recognized this, then in a second step you would have to publicize it in your voice, namely that the port railway is expanded and not crippled, and that the road connections to the port and the industrial area are also expanded and not dismantled and certainly not turned into bicycle streets — that would not only be stringent, but also consistent.

Minister of transport

We Heilbronn are happy again. A federal minister was in our town; we ate well, drank well and shook many hands. What more could you want? Everyone also agreed that one is for world peace, the best possible health for everyone and a modern infrastructure.

We can read today in the Heilbronner voice (12.07.2022: 3): "Wissing: Yes, yes lock extension“. Unfortunately, none of those responsible has at least once decided in which century this should now be the case. And so my conclusion for today remains: Apart from expenses, nothing happened.

Small ugly side note: both Ministers of Transport, federal and state, have again stated and insisted that they for the Frankenbahn are not responsible. This will probably only be expanded when the railways are replaced by a completely new technology all over the world.

Until then, we'll be dancing Heilbronn's artificial intelligence at a corresponding festival - I'm curious to see what Detlef Stern thinks about it.

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