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city ​​council

If a city administration with well over 3 employees needs soldiers to be able to function more or less, then responsible fellow citizens should think twice.


There has been a mosque on Weinsberger Strasse for a long time, but this corner has looked more like a junk shop for a long time, and one should be happy when an investor beautifies the ensemble with a new building and thus upgrades the entire area.

What amazes me is that over the years hardly anyone has been upset that the operator of this mosque seems to be more of a branch of the Turkish President than a religious community, which as a layman can also be seen from the fact that the Turkish flag is waving there , which should be extremely rare in front of mosques even in Turkey, and in Germany only embassies and consulates are actually entitled to do so.

Be that as it may, believers regularly meet in the existing mosque to celebrate their service, which, by the way, is guaranteed by the Basic Law and should please all believers, regardless of their religion.

So what will change with a new building? In any case, it makes the area more attractive and also boosts the local economy. It could also be the case that more Muslims are trying to settle down around the mosque, and the number of people visiting the mosque will increase as a result, which, by the way, will bring economic benefits to everyone.

I only think it is possible that this will lead to regular traffic chaos, as is often rumored in the press, if the city of Heilbronn continues to carry out its control tasks too laxly, because regular traffic tickets cause everyone to use the sufficiently available low and high-speed trains in the city Visit the parking lot in the high-rise car park, come on foot or by public transport.


Capitalism coupled with democracy is the only functioning form of human coexistence that enables everyone to lead a halfway fair and orderly life.

All other models, especially those that are particularly committed to social justice, equality and humanity, only lead to pastors raping children and employees of social institutions, at best, waiting for you to be cold yourself before they rape you . Not to mention the protagonists of a better life, who make almost every capitalist green with envy.

Under the cloak of decency and justice, the distribution battles rage worse than in any anarchy, and no one knows the exact rules by which to play - better yet, only the good-natured and stupid stick to them, the rest use disregard to their own own benefit.

So it happens that those who stand up for social justice and other euphemisms and who are supposed to ensure their implementation are exactly the ones who benefit the most from them.

Quite in contrast to capitalism, where everyone knows where they stand and also has the chance of a successful life; better yet, you don't have to live a life dictated by the state, institutions, or moralizers. And it is precisely this real opportunity for a better life that keeps a society alive in the long term and, through democracy, gratitude and charity, ensures that the less successful also benefit overall.

Remember, we humans are the only creatures that caress their victims before killing them! And it's still better to beware of a wolf than to be eaten by a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit."

Titus Maccius Plautus, Asinaria (comedy)

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  1. This is a challenge, since two topics are being mixed up here. With a view of the mosque, I can follow you and also agree.

    What struck me was the black-and-white polemicization of the ideological debate in the sense of free capitalism on the one hand and communism on the other hand, which threatens freedom there. So far, none of the poles mentioned has really proven itself. The truth lies, as so often, in the middle of the two poles. The unleashed predatory capitalism, which puts the individual on an elevated pedestal that neglects the community and the long-term consequences for them, is just as ineffective as Leninist state communism, which, with its excessive elevation of the collective, leads to the opposite, a dictatorship of the party cadres. In this respect, I have a clear contradiction. Not because I don't fundamentally share the opinion, but because the complexity of reality means that the pendulum can neither swing for one extreme model nor for the other.

    The home oeconomicus who behaves completely or at least in part rationally does not exist. Has never existed and will not exist in the future. And this is good. A purely rational being is unempathic and ethically and normatively irresponsible. For this reason alone I am no friend of the basic assumptions of a misunderstood neoclassical capitalism that confuses the power of competition and the economically stronger with “liberality” and stylizes the market as a panacea.

    1. That's also one of my microblog posts, in which I mix everything possible and hope that one or the other will take the bait, and as a result there will be an exchange of views, which I will then expand on in a somewhat more elaborate blog post. If a discussion then starts, it will hopefully continue in the forums.

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