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At least in military matters, we should make sure that only those who have at least a military background are perceived and taken seriously as “experts”. Otherwise we run the risk that once again pastors will lecture about pornography and cows will philosophize about space travel.

And no, even an actually completed degree in politics and at that from some completely insignificant faculty is not enough to want to explain the world to the rest of mankind. Just as little as driving a taxi or throwing stones at a demonstration for peace.

And even journalists, especially those who otherwise only stalk celebrities, should now take a back seat. German expertise — those who can’t and do nothing earn their living as experts — has done us all a great deal of harm in terms of the economy and the environment. Just imagine what these "experts" can do in matters of national defense!

federal committee

There is hardly a better way to start a Saturday than by attending a federal committee. And due to COVID-19 or perhaps also for reasons of practicability, this will again take place "online". So I can do one or the other thing quite well on the side.

Most of the delegates are very afflicted and can also deal with the fact that all applications are only available the day before and therefore there is no time left to involve their own members in the decision-making processes if necessary; I am now firmly convinced that this is a conscious approach on the part of our professional politicians in the association.

But the whole thing is then surpassed by the fact that urgent motions are now also available at the beginning of the committee. The funny thing is that these usually come from the ranks of those members who want to explain the year-round association work.

So today I am once again excited to see what surprises are still on the agenda today.

second season?

Unfortunately, the information presented in the media is not very helpful in getting an actual picture of the situation in Ukraine. To make matters worse, the media don't bother to get the necessary key information right from the start. Of course, it could also be that the media were encouraged not to spread them.

On the 17th day of the war, however, it slowly became apparent that the Russian forces in the Ukraine were actually only the first phase of the attack on the Ukraine. The aim of their attack would then be to encircle the Ukrainian cities and tie down the main Ukrainian forces.

This could be confirmed by keeping an eye out for Russian or Belarusian troop movements, which should be slowly but surely arriving at the former staging areas of the first squadron. If these troop movements are detected, one could conclude that the aim of the second echelon is further penetration and occupation of western Ukraine. The remnants of the first season would then fall to the task of further decimating the starving urban populations.

It could get really exciting if, in addition to the movements of a second squadron, further troop movements in the Moscow area were to be determined. Because this would enable the Russian armed forces to attack other targets and also further axes of attack outside of Ukraine.

But as I said, from the start our focus is on the forces in Ukraine, so we can hardly do our own analysis.

And in the event that there is no second season to be identified, we have to assume that the Russian political and military leadership is not only morally the last thing that currently flees on God's soil, but also that their quality is absolutely underground.

opinion of the day

"Welcome to Londongrad, Where Kleptocrats Wash Their Money Clean“, an opinion piece by Jonathan pie in the New York Times (March 11, 2022)

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