Strasbourg ride

And by the way, my better half and I are preparing for our upcoming trip to Strasbourg on Saturday, August 13, 2022. A trip to Strasbourg is always worthwhile, whether by car, by bus, by train or even now by tram via Karlsruhe.

This time we will travel to Strasbourg in a small but comfortable Mercedes midi club bus and there we will do a small tour of the European Quarter before we will then focus on the old town. Although there are many other districts of Strasbourg that are worth seeing, including the much larger version of the Heilbronn Neckar arc, you cannot get to know the European city in its entirety in one day or in a whole week.

In any case, it will be another wonderful day in Strasbourg. And since, surprisingly, we still have up to four places left, I'm offering spontaneous readers of this weblog to accompany us.

Offline and online

Yesterday I was allowed to take part in several meetings and also had a short chat with them Detlef Stern exchange in terms of Zettelstore. The wonderful thing about all the meetings was that I actually only dealt with true professionals!

And so meetings are not only really fun, but something sensible even comes out of it. Also thanks Detlef Stern my Zettelkasten also made real progress — what more could a person want?

And even the 6th Hertenstein Talks — a purely honorary affair and deliberately based on amateur status — are taking shape more and more. If now the registrations of the participants are slowly added, then I can devote more time to the cleaning up work that I have started.

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