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Now that it has been ensured that the Americans have deployed more combat-ready troops to protect Europe than the Bundeswehr will ever be able to provide themselves and that the Americans are also spending a lot of their own tax money to save European democracies, our parties have tacitly canceled the turning point again.

Now the "Russians who understand Russia" in the government and in the Bundestag can continue to work openly on the abolition of our democracy, those politicians who almost plunged us into the abyss are now receiving a well-endowed livelihood for life, and on the whole we are getting back to work, all of them Teaching neighbors how to do everything right.

Speaking of the Bundeswehr. The soldiers are now being equipped with more or less contemporary uniforms, with this equipment being kept available primarily for politicians and journalists visiting the troops. Assertive politicians will soon be able to inaugurate one or the other unnecessary armament project that will help their own clientele to earn money.

Incidentally, the ominous 100 billion euros in special funds will be spread over the decades and may - all parties in the Bundestag agree - be spent on anything, just not on things that would help the Bundeswehr.

I don't even have to mention that the observance of the "2%" is still not intended and that the soldiers of the Bundeswehr are still mainly available, for example to help overwhelmed administrative officials or to sweep streets.

And we are all participating, because there is now petrol and heating money for everyone and for the systemically important people among us billions of euros in tax money in subsidies so that they can really show off their own relevance.

Exciting week

Detlef Stern recently wrote under the headline “long week“ about the experiences of his life as a professor; always an informative matter, even for non-academics.

Today I'm looking forward to an exciting week with a lot of confidence and I'm sure that the trip to Florence makes up for a lot of things that will certainly happen again this week. At the moment it is no longer nice to watch "big politics" at work, and more and more fellow citizens are beginning to suspect that our representatives have almost turned our country into a banana republic.

I know it's not all of them, and a lot of them are actually trying to save our country from this great misery into which the grokos, one after the other, have all brought us. Ultimately, however, it is the result that counts and it currently looks very miserable.

And "we were wrong or deceived" is not a sufficient excuse. If our politicians still want to save our democracy, then slowly but surely "heads will have to roll" — if possible, those of our politicians who are also responsible for the misery.

A few years in jail for the last Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer would be a good start.

opinion piece of the day

Christopher von Marshal analyzed in the Tagesspiegel (April 10.04.2022, 13: 31:XNUMX p.m.) the “turning point” for the Bundeswehr under the heading “Scholz has already cashed in on his commitments".

birthday of the day

Sergei Prokofiev

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