Feature photo: Heilbronn town hall in acrylic by Wolfgang Loesche

national assembly

At this year's state assembly of the EUROPA-UNION Baden-Württemberg, everyone can see that politics can be done differently, because there, for the most part, volunteers and a few members of parliament meet to discuss the future of the European federalists and the European Union to debate.

This time were dr Hans Ulrich Ruelke and Rudolph Rentschler with it; I've appreciated the latter for years. I was particularly pleased, however, that the district of Heilbronn was taking part Leonard Reinwald, Oliver Durst and Semin Bristina was very well represented again, I don't even have to talk about my better half.

For a good two decades, the national assemblies have been a source of motivation for my better half and me to continue to work for the association on a voluntary basis. Once a year you meet people there who also care about Europe and who spend at least part of their free time thinking about how we can make the world a little better together.

And so today was pure motivation for me! — this is enough for a few weeks. Thanks go to the 75 other federalists who made a difference to our association today.

local politics

Some of us still remember it well, first the police were reduced over the years, and this until the necessary minimum was long since undercut, and only then did politics become really loud about the fact that the police should definitely be better staffed must — such a policy always works for us and ensures stable majorities.

This concept has now also been realized in Heilbronn. First, the CDU, FDP and SPD blocked themselves for years against a market hall in Heilbronn and have also submitted all the corresponding applications — most recently that of the Free Voters 2019 - rejected in the municipal council, only to now jointly demand a market hall for Heilbronn with the slowly but surely beginning municipal council election campaign.

And so we can read today in the Heilbronner Voice (March 11.3.2023, 28: XNUMX) that exactly these three parties want to submit such a motion to the municipal council at the end of March. They now say in unison that they want “a wide range of offers”, “varied gastronomy” and “an attractive and lively inner city.” — only the most sophisticated local politicians can understand what all this has to do with a market hall.

A majority of these city councilors could also ensure that the public order office does its job, that the city cleaning department slowly gets going and, above all, that our streets in the core city, such as e.g. B. Turmstraße or Lohtorstraße, will be renovated and we will also get a sustainable and future-oriented inner city concept - this also includes a market hall.

Always just wait until Dieter schwarz Putting money into your hands is not good city policy.


Our city administration has always had its priorities, especially our own employees have to do particularly well. For a long time they have been able to use their own underground car park, they have also been able to use public transport very cheaply for some time now, and now that the bicycle is also becoming somewhat more popular in Heilbronn, the employees are getting new, spacious changing rooms with showers so that they can relax with them on the journey be able to relax with the e-bike.

According to an initial estimate, the whole thing should cost us citizens almost 400 euros, and this does not include the ongoing maintenance costs and the downtime of the city employees, because the estimated six showers also want to be used. You could also have taken an example from the recently created educational campus, because there is nothing like that — but there are also no city employees employed in the educational campus.

And I can reassure anyone who is now wondering where the 400 euros are supposed to come from, because the Grünewald School will not be able to get the urgently needed new windows.