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After no further candidates have registered by January 10, 2022, the citizens of Heilbronn will be chosen on Sunday, February 6, 2022 between the current mayor, the parliamentary group leader of the AfD and an independent candidate, Catherine Mikov, can decide.

Even if the outcome of the election is pretty certain, it will still be interesting to see how many people from Heilbronn still vote and how many of them will not vote for the incumbent.

In any case, the non-party candidate can be credited with the fact that her candidacy alone does not cause voter turnout to plummet.

bridge displacement

Next Thursday it should be time, the northern part of the new motorway bridge will be moved southwards in a first part. The second part will follow in February. And when the connections to the motorway and the noise protection have finally been established, traffic can flow happily on all lanes again by the end of 2022 - this time six in number.

This means that the federal motorway 6 (484 kilometers) not only has one of the highest motorway bridges in Germany with the Kochertal Bridge (185 meters), but also the longest motorway bridge in Baden-Württemberg with the Neckar Valley Crossing (1 meters).

In addition, this bridge shift will be one of the most powerful bridge shifts ever. And if everything works out, the BAB 6 could have six lanes in its entirety by 2050.

This ensures that one of the most important east-west road connections in Europe can meet today's requirements.


Several district chairmen and several state board members of the EUROPA-UNION met yesterday to discuss two campaigns at the same time. The first is a nationwide campaign to write to all members of the European Parliament and remind them that future electoral law reform must also include transnational lists.

The second action is to run under the hashtag "NoVeto" and abolish the existing veto right of the member states of the European Union.

With both campaigns we will certainly bring some impetus to the ongoing discussions at European level and perhaps also be able to win other fellow citizens over to membership in the European federalists.

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