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outdoor pools

Our outdoor pools are more than just another bored amusement! They are primarily used for simple sporting activities by our population and are therefore part of active health care. When used correctly, the outdoor pools ensure that we have lower costs in the health sector.

In addition, they are - also properly operated - valuable sports facilities that must be present in large cities. And last but not least, in addition to the indoor pools, they are part of the school education of our children, who have the opportunity to learn to swim there. And especially in this day and age, when we are all increasingly turning to water again, swimming skills are becoming more important.

That is why we are all well advised to at least keep the existing swimming pools. And all tax money used for this is a good investment in our future; which cannot be said of all urban ventures.


With the advertising slogan "German rockets will heal the world", a federal minister is again creating facts shortly before the election.

Contrary to all rationality and knowledge, a German launch pad is now to be created in the North Sea. With this, we shoot rockets into space against all reason, from a point as far away from the equator as possible, which consumes more fuel than absolutely necessary. In this way we are creating another environmentally harmful company with signal character, especially in this day and age.

Since this new venture will therefore never be economically sensible and lucrative, the responsible minister has decided that the state - i.e. we taxpayers - will be the "anchor customer" of this madness. This means that we will at least be throwing additional tax billions out of the window for decades to come, and in the best-case scenario a few of the minister's acquaintances will be able to get healthy from it.

Recycling yard plus

Yesterday, like many others, I filled my car with cardboard boxes and made my way to the Recycling yard plus made. Of course, like many others, I had visited the relevant municipal website before this campaign so as not to have to go to the butcher's - because for a long time now I've only used the car for necessary errands and appointments.

At the nuclear Birdsong Blade arrived, I was briefly surprised at the vehicles, which were just standing there, only to be standing there shortly afterwards. In a nutshell, there was a sign at the recycling center that there was an internal event, and we were all able to watch the employees organizing it.

Without any ifs and buts, I treat everyone to their staff party and especially when the weather is so good! But as a service provider, you could, should and must inform your customers that you are not open today - especially if there is no alternative in the entire district on that day.

And it is precisely for such cases that well-organized institutions have had the World Wide Web for decades. There it is very easy to write on the relevant website "CLOSED TODAY"!

We citizens are generally very flexible, and one could compensate for the shortcomings of one's own administration by always phoning the local area before using a municipal service.

The only thing to fear is that the city administration will seize the opportunity and set up a switchboard with all the operators to cover the additional needs of the citizens. Ergo, calling in advance is a misguided option. It would be better if the city employees were qualified accordingly — shouldn’t be too much of a challenge in 2021.

And since I had already been traveling by car completely for free, I took the opportunity to do my usual walk through the city by car — Heilbronn looks even more attractive from the car. That's probably why so many people from Heilbronn tour up and down the avenue by car or motorbike, because they just can't get enough of our city.

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