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State Committee

This weekend is all about the state committee of the EUROPA-UNION Baden-Württemberg. Although this is carried out purely virtually, you still get to see the other competitors again. Also there, among other things, the meanwhile XXVII. UEF Congress followed up, which took place from July 3rd to 4th, 2021 in Valencia as a hybrid event. In the meantime, the superstate Europeans are so sure of victory that they not only bully away all the federalists in the association, one after the other, but also begin to change the naming conventions in the association accordingly.


At first I wanted, because of the reputation, my first book be published by a publisher — preferably the one of my first choice. I also promised myself that the book would come out on the market in terms of spelling and maybe even improved in one or the other corner.

Today I know that even publishers can no longer ensure good spelling and any corrections to the corners and ends of my book would have deprived it of its authenticity.

In addition, it is really exciting and, above all, instructive to go through the steps otherwise carried out by a publisher yourself. And thanks to companies like Amazon — one can also praise successful companies — one can also bring one's books onto the market in quite acceptable quality.

So today I'm happy that I self-publish my books. And especially because it is less and less a reputation to be "published" by a publishing house, because they are less and less able to meet the minimum requirements of authors themselves.

Let's take Ullstein Verlag as an example, which publishes cheap party propaganda in book form before the federal elections, which would otherwise have automatically ended up in the garbage as advertising flyers. And when the first concerns about the quality of the book and additional legal concerns arise, the entire reputation of the publisher is first awarded to this book (election campaign support in top form), then in the second step obvious shortcomings that no one can deny anymore, but this then used to put more books like this on the market before the general election, instead of taking back the ones that have already been sold.

Self-publishers have far higher demands. For example, with my first book, I made the huge mistake of putting a draft book to print. I have now bought back almost all of these printed copies and replaced them with the correct book free of charge. But I'm not a “professional” publisher either!

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