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Our parliaments and municipal councils are traditionally re-elected every four to five years. The German Bundestag is re-elected every four years from the start. Its legislative period usually lasts four years. It begins with the constitution of the new Bundestag, which must meet no later than the 30th day after the Bundestag elections. When the new Bundestag meets, the electoral period of the previous Bundestag ends. 

Now the Bundestag is only to be elected every five instead of every four years, although the parties seem to agree. I think this change is inappropriate, especially at the present time, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this opinion.

130 000

For the first time, Heilbronn is said to have over 130 inhabitants. And just as Heilbronn was only able to become a big city a few decades ago because most of the new citizens came to the city from abroad, so this new brand — which, by the way, has no meaning — will only become popular because of a further influx of people, mostly from crisis and war regions exceeded.

And it is becoming more and more apparent, which by the way is only logical, that the "already native" population is becoming a minority. In order to change this, we Germans would have had to massively provide for more children of our own by the 1970s at the latest — which we simply did not do, no matter how the state also increased child benefit. And as the Heilbronner Voice announced yesterday, many "native" Heilbronners are now also being drawn to the outskirts, and the city center itself is becoming more and more international - which is also only logical.

In order to maintain a modern and contemporary Heilbronn in the future, we urgently need to turn at least two screws. First, education and training must be accessible to everyone as equally as possible — we must put the public schools back in the focus of all educational efforts and refusal to attend education must be sanctioned as quickly as possible.

Secondly, we have to rectify the structural mistakes that were also made in the 1970s and finally incorporate the outskirts of Heilbronn: Neckarsulm (26 inhabitants), Erlenbach (000 inhabitants), Weinsberg (5 inhabitants), Untergruppenbach (000 inhabitants), Flein (13 000 inhabitants), Talheim (8 000 inhabitants), Nordheim (7 000 inhabitants) and Leingarten (5 000 inhabitants).

Heilbronn would thus easily exceed the 210 mark and would not only be so slow for professional administration specialists, but certainly a very attractive city, but could also better tackle, finance and get some urgently needed infrastructure measures under control.

And even the state could no longer prevent Heilbronn from having an adequate rail connection.


I'm one of those people from Heilbronn who also use multi-storey car parks when they're driving in the city. And so I keep having the most diverse experiences, but to this day I can't help but express my displeasure with those citizens who shun the 5 public parking spaces in Heilbronn like the devil shuns holy water and prefer to drive through the city center for a few minutes to get there taking away a free parking space from a resident.

I prefer those residents of Heilbronn who park right in the pedestrian zone or even on all the sidewalks and thanks to the blind employees of the public order office or a higher directive from the city leadership, this is increasing from year to year. Even our few green areas are now ideal parking spaces for vehicles of all kinds. And we have already reduced the size of the Neckarhalde so that you can park your useless vehicles as cheaply as possible.

The daring are now parking their cars between the tram tracks on Moltkestraße and it won't be long before the first SUVs climb the stairs to Harmonie.

Recently I had to go to Bad Wimpfen and look for a parking space there. I found it quickly, and after parking I only had to enter my license plate number at a machine and was able to drive on again. Such a simple system could easily be introduced in our entire city. This should probably remove the last obstacle for notorious parking space refusers, because what they can do in other cities, they should also be able to do in Heilbronn.

  • Albert Einstein already philosophized about the infinity of human stupidity. And he didn't know any SUV drivers at the time.