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To relax after the Europe week, I took a walk through the Tree nature trail in Friedrichsau granted. The signage and lettering is also worth imitating for other cities, because then you can see what treasures your own city has to offer.

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Recently, quite a few politicians have been quite astonished that they are no longer being elected, or even that not even their own party believes they are capable of a new mandate. There are probably reasons for that too.

association work

Union work can also be a real pain in the ass, especially when the usual "bit collectors" wake up and add their own two cents — interestingly enough, this always happens just before elections. It's amazing what earth-shattering ideas they then bring into play, such as: "Let's write EUROPA-UNION in a completely different way", or "Let's find another name for Europe Day", or even "we all already have ours Resolutions, letters and other works correctly gendered?”

And if that's not enough, then the self-appointed advisors come into play, who without ever having led a local or district association, want to turn the entire association's work upside down and keep the members on their toes with workshops, sit-ins and other well-intentioned activities; this activism, channeled into simple district association work, could actually benefit the association — unfortunately, work at the local level is frowned upon, especially for these comrades-in-arms, it absolutely has to be at least the federal level.

A federal association lives and dies at the local level, and if you're not careful, there will soon only be representatives of zombie associations in Berlin and Brussels.