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right to vote

In Texas we are witnessing what can happen when one of the otherwise leading political parties, namely the Republicans (Grand Old Party), thinks that they will hardly be able to win a majority of voters in the future.

The now approved electoral reform makes it harder for those constituencies notoriously reluctant to vote for Republicans.

This is, after the gerrymandering that has already been pushed to the extreme in many US states, a further step by those responsible in politics to make themselves more independent of the will of the people.

Here, too, the necessary adjustments to the constituencies are made again and again; we can only hope that none of us will come up with the idea of ​​gerrymandering.

However, the development that is now becoming apparent in the USA of increasingly decoupling the electorate from those “to be elected” should remain a purely US-specific peculiarity. And we voters in Germany should appreciate the achievement of "general, direct, free, equal and secret" elections (Basic Law, Article 38) even more than before.

Search Engine Optimization

From time to time, I like to look at the various promises made by relevant companies about search engine optimization (SEO) for websites and I recently let Google on my weblog in relation to this. Because Google also suggests that you can achieve this with analytics and other tools.

Since the information that comes directly from Google can also be doubted, especially since bounce rates of over 100% are incomprehensible, I have to assume that SEO is nothing more than hocus-pocus to create a market that nobody needs — except them appropriate companies and experts perhaps.

It would also be interesting to know how much energy and lifetime we could regain by simply switching off this SEO fuss.

EU military

As soon as the Afghanistan mission is over, the so-called aid organizations push for a follow-up mission, because without it their income will be lost.

And our "military experts" in politics are once again crying out for an "EU army", but are neither willing to lay the necessary foundations nor to provide the military with sufficient personnel, material and financial resources.

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