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Today's march of combat-ready Russians with their military look-alike vehicles near the pedestrian zone made me sit up and take notice for a moment, but then it turned out that it was just the construction team of the AfD information stand. And while the AfD figureheads were setting up their stand, I was insulted in the worst possible way by a Russian-German - which is what you do when you've spent the night with a bottle of vodka.

Without question, the AfD is in the storm department Vladimir Putins degenerated, which is probably why the European fascists are distancing themselves more and more from this party - apart from the disgusting racism, which itself is one Marine Le Pen is too much of a good thing.

It is also interesting that the left-wing camp in Germany is thinning out further - from the Russian perspective they have fulfilled their task - and their top people are now moving towards the AfD. People may now accuse me of being a supporter of the horseshoe theory, but I see it much more pragmatically, because Putin is slowly but surely concentrating the totalitarian forces in Germany in order to have a powerful fifth column to fall back on in the event of a further escalation of the Russian war of aggression can. The trick here is to get both left and right thugs under one roof; This has already worked quite well in Russia.


Shortly before the verdict against Donald Trump I said in a telephone conversation that I did not believe in a conviction of a former US president. And so it took me a while until I was able to recover from this very positive surprise, at least for me. I was even more surprised at how, despite a ruling from an independent court, the GOP's ranks are closing behind what is now officially a criminal.

Any party that distinguishes between good and bad criminals based solely on the party record has lost its own credibility. This applies everywhere, and so I canceled participation in an SPD event in Heilbronn because the representatives there now officially differentiate between good and bad Nazis.

The problem in both cases is that their members are either too stupid or too indecent for a constitutional state. In Germany, I suspect the consequences of a completely misguided education policy, as we are already beginning to treat even fatal diseases with globules and wart reviews in the first hospitals, doctor's offices or pharmacies.

information stands

Yesterday I was able to campaign for Europe and the highest possible voter turnout all day long on Kiliansplatz together with other European federalists and other Europe enthusiasts. A very enjoyable event, with all discussions being extremely positive. It was also pleasing to meet a city employee who was actually much more likeable than past correspondence suggested. And so information stands are always an enrichment for the stand crews.

In the evening I was able to look at today's newspaper and realized that we free voters had been forgotten in the current presentation of all parties and voter groups. Today we continue with the last information stand for the Free Voters before the election on Fleiner Strasse and so I'm curious to see whether we will be asked about the Voice article.


No information stand visitor mentioned our absence in the Voice article, not even the parties' election campaigners. And so it only remained an issue between Herbert Burkhardt and me.

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