Feature photo: Coffee cup in a hardware store


The only thing that still appeals to me on Twitter at the moment are the coffee pictures from Thomas Michl, which he posts again after a somewhat longer break to greet his readership in the morning. After that, there are only his travel reports as a commuter with the Deutsche Bahn; he's probably stuck somewhere in Bavaria right now - a consolation for him, it could be worse, e.g. B. Hamburg Hauptbahnhof or somewhere in East German Wallachia.

What I miss more than Twitter are the coffee house conversations with Detlef Stern about God and the world; these fell victim to the pandemic. Another association is that formerly hopping coffee cup here on this weblog to raise funds for my weblog.

And so, meanwhile, I drink a good cup of Ugandan coffee, which my aunt keeps in stock especially for my visit. This coffee surprises me a little, because during my year in Uganda I had to look for a local Ethiopian coffee every time I wanted to drink a halfway compatible coffee. This phenomenon, that you have to look for good coffee in Uganda, hasn't opened up to me to this day - maybe it's because it's exported all over the world?

When I was still working, one of the things I liked to collect was coffee cups, probably because some of them magically disappeared in the many coffee corners and kitchens; probably these were the victims of flushing fits of the most diverse employees. Today I only take photos of coffee cups, because my better half would definitely be "happy" if I came home with such cups.

committee of inquiry

According to our constitutions, parliamentary inquiry committees are the heavy artillery of parliamentary work. However, the last few decades show that these guns are not used much, nor do they ever pursue their intended goals, let alone ever achieve them.

I would like to mention three examples here, namely the BER investigative committee, the NSU investigative committee and what is probably the biggest and youngest laughing stock so far, the toll investigative committee.

So we can confidently draw the conclusion that committees of inquiry only serve to offer even the really last backbenchers a platform where they can put themselves in the limelight. The sole fact that a professional politician has to submit to such a committee can be sold to voters as a “democratic action”, which, however, doesn't really bother those affected.

After all, we all know that such committees run off professional politicians like water on fat, and should things get tight for the "offender", then backrooms ensure that it also becomes a zero number.

And that's exactly how you have to see the current investigative committee in Baden-Württemberg: it ends like the Hornberg shooting and a few opposition politicians are allowed to distinguish themselves - democracy works differently!

birthdays of the day

Marilyn Monroe and Carl von Clausewitz