European regular's table

The highlight of the day was our European regulars' table, which covered a wide range of topics. Starting with the optimal computer equipment, the dead end of "social media" and our bike paths to the elections, on the one hand for the US President and on the other for the Lord Mayor of Heilbronn. It's a good thing that the respective candidates have extremely financially strong backers, but whether that's an advantage for a democracy remains to be seen.


Once again answered member and citizen inquiries today. I like doing that in writing. Because I don't like it myself when I only get non-binding blah blah as an answer - which is now considered good manners, because hardly anyone wants to commit themselves or even take responsibility.

While I was answering myself, I was able to see who had answered my own questions. Very gratifying that there was a positive response from the city administration.


Today's discussions about wearing masks, which are being rejected by more and more citizens, are frightening. I am not convinced myself that wearing a mask helps much and I am also surprised when scientists first question a positive effect, but are now fully convinced that masks work - the quality of the masks has remained unchanged. Above all, however, I am annoyed that so many professional politicians and their clientele primarily enrich themselves with the mask question - which could explain the change of opinion of the scientists.

What is certain, however, is that wearing a mask has been made compulsory under certain circumstances by those responsible for it, and at least in Heilbronn zones have also been set up (this is what the city newspaper says again and again) where this applies to (almost) everyone.

If we want to continue to live in a community, then wearing masks — discussion or not — is a civic duty, and control and sanctioning is a city administration duty.

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